Assets update only once when the files change. #418

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In most cases, I open my map in Tiled, and then edit the image of the tiles using Photoshop. When I save the file and switch back to Tiled, the map will update (sometimes won't). And then I continue to edit the image with Tiled opening, and save the file, however, every time I switch back, the map won't update and I have to restart it.

The assets will only update once after the files change. It is really inconvenient. This is a small bug and I hope you'll fix it.

Tiled 0.9.0 on Mac.


This problem has been reported before, and it only seems to happen when using Photoshop. Maybe try a different image editing program or try to help figure out what causes this issue.

Note that since Tiled 0.9.0, you don't need to restart Tiled to make it reload the tilesets. There's a shortcut Ctrl+T to force the reload, as per issue #165.


Please try whether this is fixed in the latest daily build:

I may have fixed the issue in commit 2358419.

Edit: Sorry I didn't remember you reported this on a Mac. Currently no daily build for Mac exists with this patch, until I get around to setting up my Mac's internet connection again.


Hi Bjorn, it seems like the issue is still in; i'll continue using the ctrl-t workaround for now, but further exploring this problem would be highly highly appreciated!


Closing this since I noticed it's a duplicate of issue #44.

@bjorn bjorn closed this Apr 20, 2015
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