Assets 6
  • Fixed JSON templates not being visible in Templates view (#2009)
  • Fixed Maps view to show all readable map formats
  • Fixed crash when deleting a command using the context menu (by Robert Lewicki, #2014)
  • Fixed crash after a world file failed to load
  • Fixed Select None action to be enabled when there is any selection
  • Fixed disappearing of tile types on export/import of a tileset (#2023)
  • Fixed tool shortcuts when using Spanish translation
  • Fixed saving of the "Justify" alignment option for text objects (#2026)
  • Changed Cut, Copy and Delete actions to apply based on selected layer types
  • Windows: Updated builds to Qt 5.9.7
  • Updated Russian translation (by Rafael Osipov, #2017)

@bjorn bjorn released this Sep 19, 2018

Assets 6
  • Added multi-layer selection, including multi-layer tile layer editing
  • Added support for multi-map worlds (#1669)
  • Added ability to extend existing polylines (with Ketan Gupta, #1683)
  • Added option to highlight the hovered object (#1190)
  • Added news from website to the status bar (#1898)
  • Added option to show object labels for hovered objects
  • Added option to embed tilesets on export (#1850)
  • Added option to detach templates on export (#1850)
  • Added option to resolve object types and properties on export (#1850)
  • Added Escape for switching to the Select Objects tool and for clearing the selection
  • Added Escape to cancel the current action in all object layer tools
  • Added double-click on polygon objects to switch to Edit Polygons tool
  • Added interaction with segments for polygons, for selection and dragging
  • Added double-clicking a polygon segment for inserting a new point at that location
  • Added action to lock/unlock all other layers (by kralle333, #1883)
  • Added --export-tileset command line argument (by Josh Bramlett, #1872)
  • Added unique persistent layer IDs (#1892)
  • Added 'version' and 'tiledversion' to external tileset files
  • Added full paths to Recent Files menu as tool tips (by Gauthier Billot, #1992)
  • Create Object Tools: Show preview already on hover (#537)
  • Objects view: Only center view on object on press or activation
  • Objects view: When clicking a layer, make it the current one (by kralle333, #1931)
  • Unified the Create Polygon and Create Polyline tools
  • JSON plugin: Made the JSON format easier to parse (by saeedakhter, #1868)
  • Tile Collision Editor: Allowed using object templates
  • Templates view: Don't allow hiding the template object
  • Python plugin: Updated to Python 3 (by Samuli Tuomola)
  • Python plugin: Fixed startup messages not appearing in debug console
  • Python plugin: Fixed file change watching for main script files
  • Lua plugin: Include properties from templates (#1901)
  • Lua plugin: Include tileset column count in export (by Matt Drollette, #1969)
  • tBIN plugin: Don't ignore objects that aren't perfectly aligned (#1985)
  • tBIN plugin: Fixed "Unsupported property type" error for newly added float properties
  • Automapping: Report error when no output layers are found
  • AutoMapping: Changed matching outside of map boundaries and added 'MatchOutsideMap' option
  • Linux: Modernized the appstream file (by Patrick Griffis)
  • libtiled: Allow qrc-based tileset images (#1947)
  • libtiled-java: Fixed loading maps with multiple external tilesets
  • Optimized deletion of many objects (#1972)
  • Make Ctrl+Q work for quitting also on Windows (#1998)
  • Fixed randomizing of terrain, Wang tiles and stamp variations (#1949)
  • Fixed tilesets getting added to maps when they shouldn't be (#2002)
  • Fixed issue with default font size in combination with custom family (#1994)
  • Fixed the tile grid to render below labels, handles and selection indicators
  • Fixed confirming overwrite when exporting a tileset
  • Fixed reading of infinite maps that don't use chunked layer data
  • Updated Bulgarian, Dutch, French, German, Norwegian Bokmål, Portuguese (Portugal) and Turkish translations

Note: This is the first release where the 64-bit version for Windows also ships with the Python plugin. At the same time though, the macOS version of Tiled no longer does since macOS ships with Python 2.7. If you're on macOS and need the Python plugin, stick with Tiled 1.1.6 for now. Hopefully we can support Python 3 on macOS in future releases.

@bjorn bjorn released this Jul 19, 2018 · 0 commits to dbfefaef8cf6f4294e7b03b8a4bfa6f91e3f947e since this release

Assets 6
  • Fixed Terrain Brush issue on staggered isometric maps (#1951)
  • Fixed objects to stay selected when moving them between layers
  • Fixed small tab bar rendering issue on high DPI displays
  • Fixed rendering of arrows on scroll bar buttons
  • Fixed object labels to adjust properly to the font DPI
  • Fixed resize handle locations for multiple zero-sized objects
  • Fixed handling of arrow keys on focused layer combo box (#1973)
  • Tile Collision Editor: Fixed handling of tile offset (#1955)
  • Tile Collision Editor: Fixed potential crash on Undo (#1965)
  • Python plugin: Added some missing API to the Cell class
  • Windows and Linux: Downgraded builds to Qt 5.9 (fixes #1928)
  • macOS: Fixed library loading issues for tmxrasterizer and terraingenerator
  • macOS: Downgraded to Qt 5.6 (fixes resizing of undocked views and reduces minimum macOS version to 10.7)
  • Updates to German, Hungarian, Norwegian Bokmål, Polish, Portuguese (Portugal), Russian and Ukrainian translations

Note: The initial build for Linux was done against Qt 5.9.6, which unfortunately contained a regression in the main window layout code. The build has now been updated with a version compiled against Qt 5.9.5.

@bjorn bjorn released this Apr 25, 2018

Assets 6
  • Fixed erasing mode of the Terrain Brush
  • Fixed crash after editing a template
  • Fixed rendering of eye/lock icons in Layers view
  • Fixed object index when undoing Move Object to Layer action (#1932)
  • Fixed shortcuts for flipping and rotating objects (#1926)
  • Fixed dynamic retranslation of tools and tool actions
  • Fixed possible crash when undoing/redoing Wang color changes
  • Fixed handling of sub-properties in Object Type Editor (#1936)
  • Fixed crash when deleting an object right before dragging it (#1933)
  • Adjust Wang tile data when tileset column count changes (#1851)
  • Improved fill behavior in case of selection on infinite map (#1921)
  • Removed ability to hide tile collision objects (#1929)
  • Remove tile collision layer along with the last object (#1230)
  • JSON plugin: Made the reader more strict about object types (#1922)
  • JSON plugin: Added support for Wang sets

@bjorn bjorn released this Mar 28, 2018

Assets 6
  • Fixed exporting of external tilesets to JSON or TSX formats
  • Fixed problem with embedding or exporting tilesets with Wang sets
  • Fixed tiles placed by the terrain tool being considered different (#1913)
  • Fixed text alignment values appearing at random in Properties view (#1767)
  • macOS: Fixed eye/lock icon display in Layers view
  • Re-enabled Space for toggling layer visibility
  • Migrate properties set on tile collision layer to the tile (#1912)
  • Don't reset stamp brush state when pressing Alt
  • Automapping: Apply rules to selected area when there is one
  • Windows and Linux: Updated builds to Qt 5.10.1
  • Linux: Indicate Tiled can open multiple files at once in desktop file
  • Lowered the minimum supported version of Qt to 5.5

@bjorn bjorn released this Mar 6, 2018

Assets 6
  • Fixed crash when removing a tileset referenced by multiple objects
  • Fixed crash on paste when it introduced more than one new tileset
  • Fixed Invert Selection for non-infinite maps
  • Fixed Select All to not select objects on locked layers
  • Fixed logic determining the tilesets used by a tile layer
  • Fixed copy/paste changing object order (#1896)
  • Fixed tileset getting loaded twice when used by the map and a template
  • Fixed repainting issues on undo/redo for new maps (#1887)
  • JSON plugin: Fixed loading of infinite maps using CSV tile layer format (#1878)
  • Linux: Updated AppImage to Qt 5.9.4
  • Updated Hungarian, Japanese, Norwegian Bokmål, Portuguese and Ukrainian translations

@bjorn bjorn released this Jan 31, 2018

Assets 6
  • Fixed possible crash while editing polygons
  • Fixed hang when loading map file with empty compressed layer data
  • Fixed selection of tile stamp to work on mouse click
  • Fixed tools not being up to date on modifier keys after activation
  • Fixed "Offset Map" action for infinite maps (#1866)
  • Templates view: Keep template centered when resizing view
  • Tile Collision Editor: Keep tile centered when resizing view
  • Tile Collision Editor: Display tool info text in status bar
  • JSON plugin: Fixed reading of infinite maps (#1858)
  • libtiled-java: Fixed some bugs (by Henry Wang, #1840)
  • libtiled-java: Fixed tile offset value not being considered (by digitalhoax, #1863)

@bjorn bjorn released this Jan 6, 2018

Assets 6
  • Fixed crash on load for template instances of non-tile objects
  • Windows Installer: Include the Qt SVG image plugin
  • Linux AppImage: Updated from Qt 5.9.2 to Qt 5.9.3

@bjorn bjorn released this Jan 3, 2018 · 399 commits to master since this release

Assets 6
  • Added support for infinite maps (by Ketan Gupta, #260)
  • Added support for Wang tiles and related tools (by Benjamin Trotter)
  • Added support for reusable object templates (by Mohamed Thabet)
  • Added working directory setting for custom commands (by Ketan Gupta, #1580)
  • Added output of custom commands in Debug Console (by Ketan Gupta, #1552)
  • Added autocrop action based on tile layers (by Ketan Gupta, #642)
  • Added tool bar with tool-specific actions and settings (by Ketan Gupta, #1084)
  • Added shape fill tool for filling rectangles or circles (by Benjamin Trotter, #1272)
  • Added option to lock/unlock a layer (by Ketan Gupta, #734)
  • Added .xml as possible file extension for TMX files
  • Added keyboard shortcut for Save All (by Thomas ten Cate)
  • Added actions to remove a segment from polygon or to split a polyline (by Ketan Gupta, #1685)
  • Added icon for animation editor in the tileset editor (by Ketan Gupta, #1706)
  • Added display of flip bits for hovered tile in status bar (#1707)
  • Added ability to capture tiles while using fill tools (#790)
  • Added option to have mouse wheel zoom by default (#1472)
  • Added tab closing actions to context menu, and close by middle-click (by Justin Jacobs, #1720)
  • Added ability to reorder terrain types (by Justin Jacobs, #1603)
  • Added a point object for marking locations (by Antoine Gersant, #1325)
  • Added 'New Tileset' button when no tileset is opened (by Rhenaud Dubois, #1789)
  • Added 'Open File' button when no file opened (by Rhenaud Dubois, #1818)
  • Added support for custom input formats and TMX output to the --export-map command-line option
  • Added island RPG example based on Beach tileset by finalbossblues
  • Added file-related context menu actions to tileset tabs
  • Added action to reset to default window layout (by Keshav Sharma, #1794)
  • Added support for exporting tilesets, including to Lua format (by Conrad Mercer, #1213)
  • Keep object types sorted alphabetically (by Antoine Gersant, #1679)
  • Improved polygon node handles and drag behavior
  • Fixed %executablepath variable for executables found in PATH (#1648)
  • Fixed Delete key to delete selected polygon nodes when appropriate (by Ketan Gupta, #1555)
  • Fixed Terrain Brush going wild in some scenarios (#1632)
  • Fixed the "Embed in Map" checkbox to be persistent (#1664)
  • Fixed crash when saving two new maps using the same file name (#1734)
  • Fixed issues caused by paths not being cleaned (#1713)
  • Fixed suggested file name for tilesets to match the tileset name (by killerasus, #1783)
  • Fixed selection rectangle's shadow offset when zooming (by Antoine Gersant, #1796)
  • Fixed save dialog to reopen after heeding the file extension warning (by Antoine Gersant, #1782)
  • Fixed potential crash when zooming out too much (#1824)
  • Fixed potential crash after deleting object or group layers
  • Fixed Object Selection tool clearing selection on double-click
  • Enabled building with Qbs on macOS, including the Python plugin (by Jake Petroules)
  • Automapping: Don't fail if an input/inputnot layer isn't found
  • Automapping: Added a "StrictEmpty" flag to input layers
  • GMX plugin: Added support for defining views with objects (by William Taylor, #1621)
  • GMX plugin: Added support for setting scale and origin for instances (#1427)
  • GMX plugin: Added support for setting the creation code for instances and the map
  • GMX plugin: Start counting default tile layer depth from 1000000 (#1814)
  • tBIN plugin: Added read/write support for the tBIN map format (by Chase Warrington, #1560)
  • libtiled-java: Generate classes from XSD, some fixes and build with Maven (by Mike Thomas, #1637)
  • libtiled-java: Added support for manipulating non-consecutive tile IDs in a tileset (by Stéphane Seng)
  • Python plugin: Adjusted example scripts to API changes (by spiiin, #1769)
  • Flare plugin: Various changes (by Justin Jacobs, #1781)
  • TMW plugin: Removed since it is no longer needed
  • Updated Dutch, Bulgarian, English, French, German, Korean, Norwegian Bokmål, Spanish and Turkish translations

@bjorn bjorn released this Aug 29, 2017

Assets 6
  • Fixed crash on reload map (#1659, #1694)
  • Fixed possible crash on undo/redo in collision editor (#1695)
  • Fixed tile replacement to add tileset when needed (by Mohamed Thabet, #1641)
  • Fixed the display of the image source property for tilesets
  • Fixed shortcut for 'Copy tile coordinates' (Alt+C) in Portuguese translation (by olueiro)
  • JSON plugin: Fixed reading of tileset column count
  • JSON plugin: Fixed reading of custom properties on tile collision object group