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A generic tile map editor
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Tiled Map Editor -

About Tiled

Tiled is a general purpose tile map editor. It is meant to be used for editing maps of any tile-based game, be it an RPG, a platformer or a Breakout clone.

Tiled is very flexible, for example there are no restrictions on map size, tile size or the number of layers or tiles. Also, it allows arbitrary properties to be set on the map, its layers, the tiles or on the objects. Its map format (TMX) is relatively easy to understand and allows a map to use multiple tilesets while also allowing each tileset to grow or shrink as necessary later.

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About the Qt Version

Tiled was originally written in Java. In 2008 the Qt version was started with the goal to replace the Java version with a faster, better looking and even easier to use map editor. Qt offered many opportunities to improve the performance and usability of the user interface, and has a more extensive feature set than the standard Java libraries.


Make sure the Qt (>= 5.1) development libraries are installed:

  • In Ubuntu/Debian: apt-get install qt5-default qttools5-dev-tools zlib1g-dev libqt5opengl5-dev
  • In Fedora: yum install qt-devel
  • In Arch Linux: pacman -S qt
  • In Mac OS X with Homebrew:
    • brew install qt5
    • brew link qt5 --force

Now you can compile by running:

$ qmake (or qmake-qt5 on some systems)
$ make

To do a shadow build, you can run qmake from a different directory and refer it to, for example:

$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ qmake ../
$ make

You can now simply run Tiled using bin/tiled.


For installing Tiled you can run make install. By default Tiled will install to /usr/local. You can change this prefix when running qmake, and/or you can change the install root when running make install, as follows:

Use /usr instead of /usr/local:

$ qmake -r PREFIX=/usr

(Recursive needed when it's not the first time that you're running qmake, since this affects nested pro files)

Install to some packaging directory:

$ make install INSTALL_ROOT=/tmp/tiled-pkg

By default, Tiled and its plugins are compiled with an Rpath so that they can find the shared libtiled library when running it straight after compile. When packaging for a distribution, this Rpath should generally be disabled by appending RPATH=no to the qmake command.

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