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A generic tile map editor

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Tiled is a general purpose tile map editor originally developed in Java. At the
moment the Java version is still being updated and in use for a wide variety of


In order to provide a faster and more native (operating system-wize) user
experience, this project attempts to rebuild Tiled in C++ on top of Qt. Qt
offers many opportunities to improve the performance and usability of the user
interface, and a more extensive feature set than the standard Java libraries.

In starting from scratch, we'll also try to do some things better than they are
done in the original Tiled. For example we will try to not only use
input/output plugins, but anything from brushes to object types and maybe even
map views may be possible to provide via a plugin. Plugins may also be able to
provide parts of the user interface.


If you have Qt (>= 4.5) development libraries installed, you can compile by

 $ qmake
 $ make

To do a shadow build, you can run qmake from a different directory and refer
it to, for example:

 $ mkdir build
 $ cd build
 $ qmake ../
 $ make

There is currently no install target, just run bin/tiled.
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