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Welcome to the Tiled wiki! This wiki supplements the Tiled Documentation with more dynamic pages, pages related to development and 3rd party articles.

Here you will find the latest documentation on the Tiled.

The following pages used to be available here but have moved to the Tiled Documentation site:

External articles

Related tools

  • tileset_baker - physically merges overlapping tiles, creating a new tileset with the unique combinations for any number of maps. This can make rendering the map a lot faster.
  • WBTMXTool - TMX file HD/SD converter
  • tmxOptimizer - Tool for optimizing a TMX map
  • Remex - A tool for expanding RPG Maker tilesets for use with Tiled's automapping feature.
  • Map-Tiler - Take a group of "layer images" (walls, floors, etc.) and turn them into a tileset and a Tiled file. Removes duplicate tiles as it imports, has support for generating rooms, and other features. This is very handy when you create maps or levels in layers in a vector or pixel art editor.