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Welcome to the Tiled wiki! Here you'll find tutorials, documentation of the TMX map format, maybe some future planning and last but not least a list of games made with Tiled.

External articles

Related tools

  • tileset_baker - physically merges overlapping tiles, creating a new tileset with the unique combinations for any number of maps. This can make rendering the map a lot faster.
  • WBTMXTool - TMX file HD/SD converter
  • tmxOptimizer - Tool for optimizing a TMX map
  • Remex - A tool for expanding RPG Maker tilesets for use with Tiled's automapping feature.
  • Map-Tiler - Take a group of "layer images" (walls, floors, etc.) and turn them into a tileset and a Tiled file. Removes duplicate tiles as it imports, has support for generating rooms, and other features. This is very handy when you create maps or levels in layers in a vector or pixel art editor.

Currently the wiki content is in process of being ported over from the MediaWiki hosted at SourceForge.

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