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…ties can have multiple postal codes, had to do a reverse geocode to guarantee a postal code result from geocode, slowed down featuredset determination.

Added another featured location for testing
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Standard settings

Property Default Description
ajaxData null Allows custom data to be sent with the AJAX request. Set the setting to an object with your properties and values.
altDistanceNoResult false Display no results message vs. all locations when closest location is further than distanceAlert setting
autoComplete false Set to true to enable Google Places autocomplete. Note the slight markup differences in the example file.
autoCompleteDisableListener false Disable the listener that immediately triggers a search when an auto complete location option is selected.
autoCompleteOptions {} Google Places autocomplete options object.
autoGeocode false Set to true if you want to use the HTML5 geolocation API (good for mobile) to geocode the user's location. SSL is required.
bounceMarker true Bounces the maker when a list element is clicked.
catMarkers null Multiple replacement marker images based on categories object. Value should be array with image path followed by dimensions - ex value: catMarkers : {'Restaurant' : ['img/red-marker.svg', 32, 32]}
dataLocation 'data/locations.json' The path to the location data.
dataRaw null Accepts raw KML, XML, or JSON instead of using a remote file.
dataType 'json' The format of the data source. Accepted values include kml, xml, json, and jsonp.
debug false Set to true to enable console.log helper function that can be used for debugging.
defaultLat null If using defaultLoc, set this to the default location latitude.
defaultLng null If using defaultLoc, set this to the default location longitude.
defaultLoc false If true, the map will load with a default location immediately. Set slideMap to false if you want to use this.
disableAlphaMarkers false Disable displaying markers and location list indicators with alpha characters.
distanceAlert 60 Displays alert if there are no locations with 60 m/km of the user's location. Set to -1 to disable.
dragSearch false Set to true to perform a new search after the map is dragged.
exclusiveFiltering false Set to true to enable exclusive taxonomy filtering rather than the default inclusive.
exclusiveTax null Set to an array of taxonomies that should filter exclusively vs. inclusively.
featuredDistance null Restrict the featured locations from displaying by a certain distance (use number value).
featuredLocations false Set to true to enable featuring locations at the top of the location list (no matter the distance). Add featured=”true” to featured locations in your XML or JSON locations data.
fullMapStart false Set to true if you want to immediately show a map of all locations. The map will center and zoom automatically.
fullMapStartBlank false Set to a zoom integer if you want to immediately show a blank map without any locations.
fullMapStartListLimit false Set to a number to limit the number of items displayed in the location list with full map start.
infoBubble null InfoBubble settings object. See example for available parameters. Map and content parameters are set by default.
inlineDirections false Set to true to enable displaying directions within the app instead of an off-site link.
lengthUnit 'm' The unit of length. Default is m for miles, change to km for kilometers.
listColor1 '#ffffff' Background color of the odd list elements.
listColor2 '#eeeeee' Background color of the even list elements.
loading false Set to true to display a loading animated gif next to the submit button.
locationsPerPage 10 If using pagination, the number of locations to display per page.
mapSettings { zoom : 12, mapTypeId: google.maps.MapTypeId.ROADMAP } Google maps settings object. Add all settings including zoom and map type if overriding. Set zoom to 0 to automatically center and zoom to show all display markers on the map
markerCluster null Marker Clusterer settings object. See docs.
markerImg null Replacement marker image used for all locations
markerDim null Replacement marker dimensions object - ex value: { height: 20, width: 20 }
maxDistance false Set to true if you want to give users an option to limit the distance from their location to the markers.
modal false Shows the map container within a modal window. Set slideMap to false and this option to true to use.
nameAttribute 'name' If using nameSearch, the data attribute used for the location name in the data file.
nameSearch false Set to true to allow searching for locations by name using separate searchID field.
noForm false Set to true if you aren't able to use form tags ( WebForms).
openNearest false Set to true to highlight the nearest location automatically after searching.
originMarker false Display a marker at the origin.
originMarkerDim null Replacement origin marker dimensions object - ex value: { height: 20, width: 20 }
originMarkerImg null Replacement origin marker image.
pagination false Set to true to enable displaying location results in multiple "pages."
querystringParams false Set to true to enable query string support for passing input variables from page to page.
selectedMarkerImg null Selected marker image.
selectedMarkerImgDim null Selected marker image dimensions object - ex value: { height: 20, width: 20 }
sessionStorage false Set to true to enable Window.sessionStorage for user's location when autoGeocode is enabled.
slideMap true First hides the map container and then uses jQuery’s slideDown method to reveal the map.
sortBy null Set to an object for custom sorting that accepts three properties: method ('alpha', 'date', or 'numeric'), order ('asc', or 'desc'), and prop (property in your data to sort by such as name, city, distance, etc.).
storeLimit 26 The number of closest locations displayed at one time. Set to -1 for unlimited.
taxonomyFilters null Filtering object that can be used to set up live filtering (see categories example).
visibleMarkersList false Set to true to have the location list only show data from markers that are visible on the map.
xmlElement 'marker' XML element used for locations (tag).

HTML elements

Property Default Description
addressID 'bh-sl-address' ID of the address input form field.
closeIcon 'bh-sl-close-icon' Class of element that displays the close icon to close the modal window.
formContainer 'bh-sl-form-container' Class of the container around the form.
formID 'bh-sl-user-location' ID of the input form.
geocodeID null Set to the ID of an element to connect the HTML5 geolocation API to a button instead of firing automatically.
lengthSwapID 'bh-sl-length-swap' Set to the ID of a select element within the form container to allow users to swap between the distance length unit (miles/kilometers).
loadingContainer 'bh-sl-loading' Class of element container that displays the loading animated gif.
locationList 'bh-sl-loc-list' Class of the container around the location list.
mapID 'bh-sl-map' ID of the div where the actual Google Map is displayed.
maxDistanceID 'bh-sl-maxdistance' ID of the select element for the maximum distance options.
modalContent 'bh-sl-modal-content' Class of element container around the content of the modal window.
modalWindow 'bh-sl-modal-window' Class of element of the actual modal window
orderID 'bh-sl-order' ID of the select form field for custom sort order handling of location results.
overlay 'bh-sl-overlay' Class of element that fills 100% of the window and fills with a transparent background image.
regionID 'bh-sl-region' ID of the region select form field for country region biasing.
searchID 'bh-sl-search' ID of the search input form field for location name searching.
sortID 'bh-sl-sort' ID of the select form field for custom sorting of location results.
taxonomyFiltersContainer 'bh-sl-filters-container' Class of the container around the filters.


Property Default Description
infowindowTemplatePath 'assets/js/plugins/storeLocator/templates/infowindow-description.html' Path to the default infowindow template.
listTemplatePath 'assets/js/plugins/storeLocator/templates/location-list-description.html' Path to the default list template.
KMLinfowindowTemplatePath 'assets/js/plugins/storeLocator/templates/kml-infowindow-description.html' Path to the KML infowindow template – used if dataType is set to kml.
KMLlistTemplatePath 'assets/js/plugins/storeLocator/templates/kml-location-list-description.html' Path to the KML list template – used if dataType is set to kml.
listTemplateID null ID of list template if using inline Handlebar templates instead of separate files.
infowindowTemplateID null ID of infowindow template if using inline Handlebar templates instead of separate files.


Property Default Description
callbackAutoGeoSuccess null Geolocation API success callback
callbackBeforeSend null Before location data request callback
callbackCloseDirections null Close directions callback
callbackCreateMarker null Create marker override callback
callbackDirectionsRequest null Directions request callback
callbackFilters null Filters callback
callbackFormVals null Form values callback
callbackGeocodeRestrictions null Geocoding component restrictions callback
callbackJsonp null JSONP callback
callbackListClick null Location list click callback
callbackMapSet null Map set callback
callbackMarkerClick null Marker click callback
callbackModalClose null Modal close callback
callbackModalOpen null Modal open callback
callbackModalReady null Modal ready callback
callbackNearestLoc null Nearest location callback
callbackNoResults null No results callback
callbackNotify null Notification callback
callbackOrder null Order callback
callbackPageChange null Page change callback
callbackRegion null Region callback
callbackSorting null Sorting callback
callbackSuccess null Success callback

Language options

Property Default Description
addressErrorAlert 'Unable to find address' Language setting
autoGeocodeErrorAlert 'Automatic location detection failed. Please fill in your address or zip code.' Language setting
distanceErrorAlert 'Unfortunately, our closest location is more than ' Language setting
kilometerLang 'kilometer' Language setting
kilometersLang 'kilometers' Language setting
mileLang 'mile' Language setting
milesLang 'miles' Language setting
noResultsTitle 'No results' Language setting
noResultsDesc 'No locations were found with the given criteria. Please modify your selections or input.' Language setting
nextPage 'Next »' Language setting
prevPage '« Prev' Language setting