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set -e
if [[ "$1" == "--release" ]]; then
export CHANNEL='release'
CARGO_INCREMENTAL=1 cargo build --release
export CHANNEL='debug'
cargo build
jit() {
if [[ `uname` == 'Darwin' ]]; then
# FIXME(#671) `dlsym` returns "symbol not found" for existing symbols on macOS.
echo "[JIT] $1 (Ignored on macOS)"
echo "[JIT] $1"
SHOULD_RUN=1 $RUSTC --crate-type bin -Cprefer-dynamic $2
rm -r target/out || true
mkdir -p target/out/clif
echo "[BUILD] mini_core"
$RUSTC example/ --crate-name mini_core --crate-type lib,dylib
echo "[BUILD] example"
$RUSTC example/ --crate-type lib
#JIT_ARGS="abc bcd" jit mini_core_hello_world example/
echo "[AOT] mini_core_hello_world"
$RUSTC example/ --crate-name mini_core_hello_world --crate-type bin -g
./target/out/mini_core_hello_world abc bcd
# (echo "break set -n main"; echo "run"; sleep 1; echo "si -c 10"; sleep 1; echo "frame variable") | lldb -- ./target/out/mini_core_hello_world abc bcd
echo "[AOT] arbitrary_self_types_pointers_and_wrappers"
$RUSTC example/ --crate-name arbitrary_self_types_pointers_and_wrappers --crate-type bin
echo "[BUILD] sysroot"
time ./build_sysroot/
echo "[AOT] alloc_example"
$RUSTC example/ --crate-type bin
jit std_example example/
echo "[AOT] dst_field_align"
# FIXME Re-add -Zmir-opt-level=2 once rust-lang/rust#67529 is fixed.
$RUSTC example/ --crate-name dst_field_align --crate-type bin
echo "[AOT] std_example"
$RUSTC example/ --crate-type bin
echo "[AOT] subslice-patterns-const-eval"
$RUSTC example/ --crate-type bin -Cpanic=abort
echo "[AOT] track-caller-attribute"
$RUSTC example/ --crate-type bin -Cpanic=abort
echo "[BUILD] mod_bench"
$RUSTC example/ --crate-type bin
# FIXME linker gives multiple definitions error on Linux
#echo "[BUILD] sysroot in release mode"
#./build_sysroot/ --release
pushd simple-raytracer
echo "[BENCH COMPILE] ebobby/simple-raytracer"
hyperfine --runs ${RUN_RUNS:-10} --warmup 1 --prepare "rm -r target/*/debug || true" \
"RUSTFLAGS='' cargo build --target $TARGET_TRIPLE" \
"../ build"
echo "[BENCH RUN] ebobby/simple-raytracer"
cp ./target/*/debug/main ./raytracer_cg_clif
hyperfine --runs ${RUN_RUNS:-10} ./raytracer_cg_llvm ./raytracer_cg_clif
pushd build_sysroot/sysroot_src/src/libcore/tests
rm -r ./target || true
../../../../../ test
pushd regex
echo "[TEST] rust-lang/regex example shootout-regex-dna"
../ clean
# Make sure `[codegen mono items] start` doesn't poison the diff
../ build --example shootout-regex-dna
cat examples/regexdna-input.txt | ../ run --example shootout-regex-dna > res.txt
diff -u res.txt examples/regexdna-output.txt
echo "[TEST] rust-lang/regex tests"
../ test --tests -- --exclude-should-panic --test-threads 1 -Zunstable-options
echo "[BENCH COMPILE] mod_bench"
COMPILE_MOD_BENCH_INLINE="$RUSTC example/ --crate-type bin -Zmir-opt-level=3 -O --crate-name mod_bench_inline"
COMPILE_MOD_BENCH_LLVM_0="rustc example/ --crate-type bin -Copt-level=0 -o target/out/mod_bench_llvm_0 -Cpanic=abort"
COMPILE_MOD_BENCH_LLVM_1="rustc example/ --crate-type bin -Copt-level=1 -o target/out/mod_bench_llvm_1 -Cpanic=abort"
COMPILE_MOD_BENCH_LLVM_2="rustc example/ --crate-type bin -Copt-level=2 -o target/out/mod_bench_llvm_2 -Cpanic=abort"
COMPILE_MOD_BENCH_LLVM_3="rustc example/ --crate-type bin -Copt-level=3 -o target/out/mod_bench_llvm_3 -Cpanic=abort"
# Use 100 runs, because a single compilations doesn't take more than ~150ms, so it isn't very slow
echo "[BENCH RUN] mod_bench"
hyperfine --runs ${RUN_RUNS:-10} ./target/out/mod_bench{,_inline} ./target/out/mod_bench_llvm_*
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