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Enables you to list all site pages using EE tags

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Enables you to list all site pages using EE tags.

h2. Usage example:
{exp:pageslist} link={path={pageslist_page_uri}} title={pageslist_page_title} {/exp:pageslist}

Optional parameters:

selected_add – add this if the the current uri matches the page uri (nice for highlighting the current menu item for instance)

conditional_field and conditional_field_value

These two parameters will restrict the pages to those who have the conditional field with a specific value. For instance,
in the usage example below there is a custom field called “include_in_menu” which is a select dropdown with
values “Yes” and “No”. This pageslist tag will only list those pages who have selected include_in_menu “Yes”

You can use these variables to select pages by any kind of custom field.

{exp:pageslist conditional_field='include_in_menu' conditional_field_value='Yes'} link={path={pageslist_page_uri}} title={pageslist_page_title} {/exp:pageslist}

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