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+ 2013-08-18: Consolidate with astro (astro is messier and need some clean up,
in particular the test suite).
+ 2013-08-18: Create a Astro.Util.Cyclic module for plusMinusPi, adjustCyclic, et al.
Or just more them to Astro.Util??
+ 2013-08-18: Make specs discoverable. Rename e.g. test/Astro/Util/Tests.hs to
test/Astro/UtilSpec.hs and create test/Spec.hs
- Convert astro tests (see test/Test.lhs) into specs.
- Fix applyManeuvers (currently NOOP).
- Why both ephems and trajectories? Can we kill either abstraction?
- MEOM polation test cases at 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 for a well understood MEOM.
- Linear interpolation of MEOM longitude isn't consistent with linear
interpolation of SLR and ecc components as orbital rate varied non-
linearly with these. Fixing this will be hairy though so I'm
inclined to leave it as is.
- Use Lens to access data in the Astro monad.
- Use Data.Default for the Astro monad.
- Criterion bench mark.
- Make At strict in its fields.
- Use dlists instead of lists.
- Use vectors instead of lists.
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