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\begin{hcarentry}[new]{fad: Forward Automatic Differentiation}
\report{Bj\"orn Buckwalter}%05/09
\participants{Barak A.\ Pearlmutter, Jeffrey Mark Siskind}
Fad is an attempt to make as comprehensive and usable a forward
automatic differentiation (AD) library as is possible in Haskell. Fad
\item attempts to be correct, by making it difficult to accidentally
get a numerically incorrect derivative;
\item provides not only first-derivatives, but also a lazy tower of
higher-order derivatives;
\item allows nested use of derivative operators while using the type
system to reject incorrect nesting (perturbation confusion);
\item attempts to be complete, in the sense of allowing calculation of
derivatives of functions defined using a large variety of Haskell
constructs; and
\item tries to be efficient, in the sense of both the defining
properties of forward automatic differentiation and in keeping the
constant factor overhead as low as possible.
Version 1.0 of fad was uploaded to Hackage on April 3. Recent changes
can be found via \texttt{git clone git://}
\item \url{}
\item \url{}