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#include "cache.h"
#include "parse-options.h"
#include "pack-refs.h"
static char const * const pack_refs_usage[] = {
"git pack-refs [options]",
int cmd_pack_refs(int argc, const char **argv, const char *prefix)
unsigned int flags = PACK_REFS_PRUNE;
struct option opts[] = {
OPT_BIT(0, "all", &flags, "pack everything", PACK_REFS_ALL),
OPT_BIT(0, "prune", &flags, "prune loose refs (default)", PACK_REFS_PRUNE),
if (parse_options(argc, argv, opts, pack_refs_usage, 0))
usage_with_options(pack_refs_usage, opts);
return pack_refs(flags);
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