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#include "builtin.h"
#include "cache.h"
#include "bundle.h"
* Basic handler for bundle files to connect repositories via sneakernet.
* Invocation must include action.
* This function can create a bundle or provide information on an existing
* bundle supporting "fetch", "pull", and "ls-remote".
static const char *bundle_usage="git bundle (create <bundle> <git rev-list args> | verify <bundle> | list-heads <bundle> [refname]... | unbundle <bundle> [refname]... )";
int cmd_bundle(int argc, const char **argv, const char *prefix)
struct bundle_header header;
int nongit;
const char *cmd, *bundle_file;
int bundle_fd = -1;
char buffer[PATH_MAX];
if (argc < 3)
cmd = argv[1];
bundle_file = argv[2];
argc -= 2;
argv += 2;
prefix = setup_git_directory_gently(&nongit);
if (prefix && bundle_file[0] != '/') {
snprintf(buffer, sizeof(buffer), "%s/%s", prefix, bundle_file);
bundle_file = buffer;
memset(&header, 0, sizeof(header));
if (strcmp(cmd, "create") && (bundle_fd =
read_bundle_header(bundle_file, &header)) < 0)
return 1;
if (!strcmp(cmd, "verify")) {
if (verify_bundle(&header, 1))
return 1;
fprintf(stderr, "%s is okay\n", bundle_file);
return 0;
if (!strcmp(cmd, "list-heads")) {
return !!list_bundle_refs(&header, argc, argv);
if (!strcmp(cmd, "create")) {
if (nongit)
die("Need a repository to create a bundle.");
return !!create_bundle(&header, bundle_file, argc, argv);
} else if (!strcmp(cmd, "unbundle")) {
if (nongit)
die("Need a repository to unbundle.");
return !!unbundle(&header, bundle_fd) ||
list_bundle_refs(&header, argc, argv);
} else
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