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-Changes in 1.2.rc3 (compared to 1.2.rc2)
-- Wings could not always save the preferences on Windows Vista
- and Windows 7 because the registry has a different layout.
- Wings will no longer attempt to use the registry to find an
- appropriate directoy into which preferences should be saved,
- but will use the documented Windows API function.
- Note to developers: You will need to adjust your scripts/shortcuts
- for starting Wings. See BUILD.win32. [bjorng]
-- Dissolving or collapsing an isolated vertex could
- cause a crash. (Thanks to ania.) [bjorng]
-- Fixed various hidden/hole face drawing problems. Hidden hard
- edges was drawn reported by Ania. Smooth-preview showed edges on
- hidden faces and the backside of visible faces was not shown in flat
- shaded view. [dgud]
-Changes in 1.2.rc2 (compared to 1.2.rc1)
-- Using Virtual Mirror on the same object twice would leave an illegal hole in
- the object. [optigon]
-- Face|Intrude would crash if a virtual mirror was present. [optigon]
-- Tools|Set Default Axis now offers individual Point and Axis assignments. [optigon]
-- Rewrite of Object|Weld to improve its handling of neighbouring faces. [optigon]
-- There are a couple of new Camera features which improve upon the
- Highlight Aim tool. The first is a new option to allow auto aiming while
- zooming the camera in when part of the model is highlighted. This feature
- works best when Highlight Aim is enabled. By default the new zoom behaviour
- is turned off. To enable it, go to Edit|Preferences|Camera|Scroll Wheel and
- tick the box labeled "Zooming in aims Camera".
- The second new Highlight Aim improvement, is that it will now recognise
- if you are aiming at the original or mirrored side of a model that contains
- a virtual mirror. [optigon]
-- Torsten Manz (flugel3d) has updated to the German translation of Wings.
- [Torsten Manz]
-- Vital Proulx (Tulip Vorlax) has added a much updated French translation
- to Wings. [Vital Proulx]
-- Optimized and improved the ambient occlusion plugin. [dgud]
-- AUV: When segmenting tries to minimize the number of materials used. [dgud]
-- AUV: Decreased the amount vertices and charts were displaced. [dgud]
-Changes in 1.2.rc1 (compared to 1.1.16)
-- Using Weld to weld holes could cause subsequent crashes.
- (Problem reported by Mark Whittemore.) [bjorng]
-- When a single object is selected, the information about the
- object in the upper left corner of the Geometry window will now
- also show the numbers of holes the object has (if it has at least
- one hole). [bjorng]
-- There is a new Shell Extrude command that is a combination
- of Extrude (Region) and Extract. [optigon]
-- Several minor bug fixes by optigon.
Notable new features in 1.2 (compared to 1.0.2)

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