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+--- 1.0.2 ----------------------------------------------------------------------
- Edge|Collapse could crash in some cases. Now fixed. [optigon]
+- The Edge Ring command (Select|Edge Loop|Edge Ring) would
+ select edges between hidden faces. [bjorng]
+- Fixed Tweak drag Normal. (Thanks to Fonte Boa). [optigon]
+- In rare circumstances, the progress bar could reach 1.0
+ (the far end) even if the operation was not finished and cause
+ Wings to crash hard. (Thanks to deerwood.) [bjorng]
+- If the workaround against disappearing text was enabled,
+ there would be crash when attempting to display any character
+ not included in the fonts, which could happen when using the
+ file dialog on Linux to browse a file system where the filenames
+ are encoded using UTF-8. (Thanks to mifth.) [bjorng]
+- In the file dialog on Mac OS X, selecting a filename
+ containing non-US ASCII characters (such as the Swedish
+ letters �, �, or �) would cause a hard crash. [bjorng]
+- It was not possible to load JPEG, PNG, or GIF images (either
+ as textures or using the Image Plane commands) on Snow Leopard.
+ (Thanks to Riolan and nobrandname.) [bjorng]
+- This release for Mac OS X has been built with Snow
+ Leopard (10.6) as the host OS. It is still supposed to work on
+ Tiger (10.4) with either PPC or Intel CPUs, but I have no way to
+ actually test that. [bjorng]
--- 1.0.1 -------------------------------------------------------------------
- Magnets are now drawn correctly in Tweak when selections across multiple
objects are dragged. [optigon]

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