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Build instructions updated to mention esdl-1.0.

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1 parent af16f1d commit 9b7f9bd21278394c518cb90308ca34ca864c9e57 @bjorng committed May 9, 2009
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2 BUILD.unix
@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ run all plug-ins and to build an installation package.
- SDL development library.
(There are pre-built libraries for most platforms.)
-- ESDL 0.96.0626 or later.
+- ESDL 1.0 or later.
- A GNU compatible "make" program. Included with most unix-like
systems; otherwise get it from
9 BUILD.win32
@@ -16,14 +16,15 @@ The following software is needed:
- The Wings source.
- Cygwin, a unix-like environment for Windows.
+ (Alternatively, it should now be possible to use MSYS,
+, for development work, but we have
+ not tested to package an release using MSYS.)
- Erlang/OTP R13B or later.
(It is easiest to download the pre-built binaries for Windows.)
-- ESDL 0.96.0626 or later.
- I usually recommend downloading the pre-built binaries for Windows,
- but the pre-built ESDL 0.96.0626 does not work on recent versions of
- Erlang/OTP, so you must build from source.
+- ESDL 1.0 or later.
+ It is easiest to download the pre-built binary.
- MinGW, a C compiler and libraries for building native Windows applications.

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