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+--- 1.4.1 ----------------------------------------------------------------------
+- Major update to the Traditional Chinese translation of Wings
+ including AutoUV, many plugins, tools, and other interface strings.
+ Many thanks to szzz for this amazing contribution! [optigon]
+- Wings could crash when launching and opening a file at the same
+ time . The cause was the ets table for fonts could not be written to
+ while the Progress Bar was active. ets tables can only be accessed from
+ the process they are created in unless specifically stated. In Wings the
+ PB run on a separate process so accessing the ets font table while the
+ PB was active led to a badarg since the call was not allowed. The font
+ table is now set to public so it can be accessed by any process.
+ (Thanks to dgud and those who reported the crash) [optigon]
+- Help dialog formatting adjustments for Asian fonts. [optigon]
+- Improvements to Body|Weld for handeling neighbouring faces. [optigon]
+- Update to the the Korean translation to include the interface
+ strings and some key plugins including AutoUV. Many thanks to korea3d
+ for this wonderful contribution and for reporting the string errors
+ he found during the process. [optigon]

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