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Clean-up of Windows icon.

I was noticing some color banding in the task switcher icon in
Windows, and found out that converting the BMP to 256 colors seemed to
fix it. While I was at it, I also cleaned up the edges a little bit on
both that BMP file and also the WBM used for the cutout. I was just
editing the files that came with the install of Wings RC3, so new
versions of those are attached.

[I updated the wings_icon_small.psd file to match those changes. /Bjorn]
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1 parent a91f3c5 commit ea1bd0ffdb9f1304238b0ea39d713b71870db938 Benjamin Burnett committed with May 16, 2009
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+--- 1.0 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
+- Gordo eliminated some color banding in the task switching icon on Windows
+ and also cleaned up the edges on that icon. [bjorng]
--- 1.0.rc3 -----------------------------------------------------------------
- The icon in the top left corner of the Wings windows (in Windows) and in
the Dock (on Mac OS X), now has transparency. I have also added a README
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