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+--- (next version) -------------------------------------------------------------
+- AutoUV: Added a simple world space normal shader. [dgud]
+- The "Scene Info: Area & Volume" command (in the tools menu)
+ has been cosmetically improved and now properly displays the info
+ in a multiple-column tabular-format, which is much easier to read. [scorpius]
+- Added Select|Edge Loop|Select Nth Ring. [optigon]
+- Sweep extrusion normal fix. [optigon]
+- New Feature: Body|Explode scales objects from a defined center.
+ Includes standard and user axes, uniform, and radial axis options.
+ (Thanks to ggaliens for the idea) [optigon]
+- New Feature: Plane Cut for objects and face regions. [optigon]
+- New Feature: Rollup any window by clicking on its titlebar.
+ The main Geometry window behaves differently and doesn't rollup.
+ Instead, it moves from the foreground to the background, either
+ covering or revealing any coexisting windows. [optigon]
+- In the Tools menu, Snap Image and Screenshot have been extended
+ in several useful ways. It is now possible to take a screenshot of
+ just the main viewport. Coupled with this feature are changes to
+ Snap Image, which now has options to Fit the image to the viewport's
+ dimensions. This new combination of features allows for better
+ projection painting workflows using a 2d painting program like Gimp.
+ The new Screenshot features are available through in its options
+ dialog. You can also save the current view to the Saved Views at
+ the same time and with the same name as the screenshot so that they
+ can be aligned later. [optigon]
+- Plugin Manager format fixes. [optigon]
+- AutoUV: Added Move Horizontal and Vertical. [optigon]
+- New interface features including:
+ - A Menu Toolbar with icons for undo/redo, repeat last command,
+ changing selection modes, and opening the Select or Tools
+ menus can be switched on via Preferences|User Interface.
+ - A new facility for saving and loading preferences from and
+ into your current session, has been added to the File menu.
+ These new preference subsets are appended with the .pref
+ extension, and are saved separately from your 'master' Wings
+ preference file. Additionally, both the Save and Load dialogs
+ allow you to choose from catagories of preferences you'd like
+ to load or save: hotkeys, graphical elements, etc.
+ - New icons for the Outliner and Geometry Graph that allow you
+ to use custom colors for how they look. These icons can be
+ switched on in Preferences|User Interface.
+ - Other minor changes include a new color scheme and some minor
+ tweaks to the existing gui elements. Switch between the
+ Classic Green theme and the new Dark Blue theme in File|Load
+ Preferences. [optigon]
+- AutoUV: Added Edge|Circularise to AutoUV. [optigon]
+- AutoUV: Fix to ensure that Segmentation window opens with
+ elements visible in viewport. [optigon]
+- Face|Bridge has been extended to connect any two face regions
+ regardless of how many faces or vertices they each have. [optigon]
+- Added rewrite of Tweak. [optigon]
+- I have changed the mouse buttons that perform secondary drag
+ operations. For instance, Move|Free has an option to drag in the
+ direction of the screen normal, and this option was bound to MMB.
+ Now it is activated by holding LMB instead. Simiar changes were
+ made to all the other tools that use a single secondary drag
+ parameter. Also, introducing Hold LMB into the mix, allowed me to
+ make Face|Sweep fully articulated between all four drag parameters
+ (Extrude, Angle, Scale, and Rotation). [optigon]
+- The arrow key and scroll wheel pan speed preferences have
+ been changed to offer a more useful range of adjustment. [optigon]
+- Minor changes to Tools|Connect to allow consecutive vertices
+ to be placed on the same edge. [optigon]
+- Welding objects with only two faces could crash. (Thanks to
+ Fonte Boa). [optigon]
+- New Feature: Select|Edge Loop while in vertex mode will now
+ convert consecutive vertices to edges. [optigon]
+- Select|By|Sharp Edges now allows you to specify Peaks,
+ Valleys, or Both. [optigon]
+- Saved selection groups have been updated to allow Cycling
+ via hotkey, and this feature can be set to cycle only within the
+ current selection mode. I also added some selection group delection
+ options. One option deletes all saved groups, and the other deletes
+ only those groups that are corrupt. [optigon]
--- 1.3.0 ----------------------------------------------------------------------
- New Feature: Rotate|Unconstrained is a trackball style rotation tool
contributed by ania, complete with magnets, user input rotation points,

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