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Commits on Mar 06, 2011
@dgud dgud Fixed so that wings works with new esdl version
This means that we can run wings with erl -smp, and use several
threads on the host computer
@dgud dgud Fix texture calls d2baeb9
Commits on Mar 10, 2011
@Micheus Micheus Adde call to hook in order to enable the user to process the update e…
…vent when Color field is changed
@dgud dgud Prepare for new esdl release.
Needs the new esdl which enables smp emulators, and uses wx opengl code.
Will not work on on mac until new the erlang (R14B02) is released.
@dgud dgud Original code for addaptiv subdivision
My first stumbling steps toward an adaptiv solution
@dgud dgud Basic subdiv in erlang and opencl (adaptiv code removed)
Hard edges work
@dgud dgud Holes and hidden faces fixed 6593044
@dgud dgud Reworked material handling and moved ref impl to it's own module 2ae443e
@dgud dgud Optimized interactive commands for both impls
Avoid doing opencl subdivsion on empty sets (crashes hard).
@dgud dgud Opencl subdivision now works with vertex-colors and uv-coords bba54d1
@dgud dgud Optimize speed over memory, and generate smooth normals.
Choose to use bigger buffers to increase parallellism.
@dgud dgud Add a preference and cleanup the code dc2ba3f
@dgud dgud TC don't catch things anymore 1c402dc
@dgud dgud Improved error handling in case opencl runs out of memory.
Later we could try do decrease the subdiv level when we run out of memory.
Large models probably don't need that level of subdivsions either.
Mark Whittemore Removed comments. Revisit loop-cut logic of parallel cutting. 7340e3a
Commits on Mar 13, 2011
@dgud dgud Fix maximize window on Windows.
The previous hack don't work any more, use the new function esdl.
@Micheus Micheus The changes in wings_ask.erl, mktree_value function, was made for set…
… the Value field as a no focusable field by defaul - as in Label field(see mktree_label function). This avoid the focus became hidden when there is a Value field on dialog an we use the TAB key to cross over the fields.
Commits on Mar 14, 2011
@dgud dgud Fix OpenCL code for non nvidia drivers (mac and ATI)
Removes all warnings and compiles on ATI
Commits on Mar 16, 2011
@dgud dgud Automaticly decrease subdiv level and fallback to erlang when OpenCL …

When available OpenCL memory is less than required to do the number of
subdivision levels, decrease automaticly.
And if that fails fallback to erlang implementation.
@dgud dgud Update proxy when preferences have changed 1b293b7
Commits on Mar 17, 2011
@dgud dgud Fix show 'some' edges when in smooth proxy 223d862
Commits on Mar 18, 2011
@dgud dgud NOTE: Korea3d and Szzz have updated the Korean and Chinese translations. b75bafd
Commits on Mar 19, 2011
@dgud dgud Fix hard edges when 'some' edges are displayed in smooth proxy.
Fix error case when no OpenCL is available

NOTE: Several levels of subdivision in smooth proxy can be drawn
This feature can be enabled in Preferences/Misc if OpenCL drivers can be found.
Mark Whittemore add a centroid calculation using tetrahedral decomposition. tested. caf6179
Commits on Mar 21, 2011
@dgud dgud NOTE: Added a Japanese translation provided by Tsukubado(tkbd), thank…
… you.
@dgud dgud Fixed secondary temporary selection bug
NOTE: Fixed secondary (always add temporary) selection, to only create temporary selection
if nothing was selected. Reported by Siber.
@dgud dgud Fixed Select By Non Quadrangle Faces
NOTE: Fixed selection bug where 'Select By Non Quadrangle Faces' did not work if anything was
selected. Reported by Deerwood.
@dgud dgud NOTE: Fixed crash in autouv if every vertex was selected before unfol…
…d, reported by Deerwood
Commits on Mar 22, 2011
Mark Whittemore Add volume calc for a we while we are handling centroid since they ar…
…e related

@dgud dgud Fix unix installer scripts and update instructions da22e9e
Commits on Mar 23, 2011
@dgud dgud Fix macosx installation of wx and cl 564978d
Commits on Mar 25, 2011
@dgud dgud Use smp beam on MacOSX (this doesn't work yet)
I can't get this to work, Björn please fix.
Beam starts but can not load beam files for some reason.
Also we have a huge problem with mac filedriver as it wants to be run
in the main thread and currently hangs the application.
Commits on Mar 29, 2011
Mark Whittemore Add Simple Planar functions to e3d_vec 8ff2666
Commits on Mar 30, 2011
Mark Whittemore Make a fix to centroid contributions. 90fda1d
Commits on Apr 09, 2011
@Micheus Micheus mktree_value function >>
The changes in wings_ask.erl, was made for set the Value field as a no focusable field by defaul - as in Label field(see mktree_label function). This avoid the focus became hidden when there is a Value field on dialog an we use the TAB key to cross over the fields.

col_event(drop) function >>
Added call to hook function in order to enable the user to process the update event when Color field is changed.
Commits on May 01, 2011
Mark Whittemore Add some code to help center a text primitive. eb39754
Commits on Jul 02, 2011
@Micheus Micheus POV-Ray plugin fixes:
- Pov plugin was always exporting the maps (images) in ".png" file format despite the file already to exist (by "Import Image" or "Make External" commands). The export_maps function was optimized in order to use the image file extension in case of user "Make Internal" the image.

Full feature needs the "wings_image.erl" correction made to "from_file" function.

reported by me:
Commits on Nov 13, 2011
@dgud dgud Merge remote branch 'origin/dgud/bugfixes' c71ebcc
@dgud dgud Merge remote branch 'origin/dgud/korean-update' c74a7b4
@dgud dgud Merge remote branch 'ggaliens/ggaliens/planecut-changes-419' ca8bd08
@dgud dgud Merge remote branch 'micheus/mv/contribution' e353973
Commits on Dec 20, 2011
@Micheus Micheus Images loaded by "Import Image" now preserve its file extension
NOTE: Images loaded by "Import Image" now preserve its file extension
in its name shown in the Outline window as already is done by using
"Make External". (Thanks to FranOnTheEdge that reported this issue)
@Micheus Micheus Fix object placement in folders
NOTE: Fixed the wrong placement of object in a folder after the project has been loaded/reloaded. (Thanks to deerwood that reported this bug) [Micheus]
@Micheus Micheus Fix camera merge
NOTE: Fixed merge cameras.
Now, any existing cameras in both files are maintained.
(Thanks to deerwood that reported this bug) [Micheus]
@Micheus Micheus Keep visible and Locked states of lights
NOTE: Visible and Locked states of lights were not restored after the
project has been loaded, despite they have been saved.
 (Thanks to deerwood and ggaliens that reported this bug) [Micheus]
@Micheus Micheus Fix more mouse button options in outliner
The function "select_material" was getting the "id"s of the
faces and using them as "id"s of the other elements (for the
edge/vertex selection mode).

NOTE: Multiple mouse buttons options in the context menu of Outliner window.
The option Select by material in the Outliner window doesn't
select the right elements if the selection mode isn't Face or
Body. It was fixed and added new parameters
that enable us to add support for "add to selection" and "remove from
selection" in context menu.
(Thanks to deerwood that reported the bug
and suggested the new options) [Micheus]
@Micheus Micheus Tried to fix windows unc path issue
NOTE: Fix unc paths on windows
(Thanks to jentzenm.unofficialsony that reported this bug) [Micheus]

When trying to saving a wings scene file to a path on the network using unc path, an error occurs (Save failed: no such file or directory) and the file was not saved. For some reason the first slash is removed from the path name when Save dialog returns the file name in the function wings_file:export_filename_1/2(after executed wings_plugin:call_ui()). The same occurs with Open dialog too. It seems to be a Erlang issue (I'm not sure). I did a workaround, then I could Save/Export/Import using an "unc" path without any problem. (Thanks to jentzenm.unofficialsony that reported this bug) [Micheus]
@Micheus Micheus Autosize long info lines
NOTE: Improvements to Information line management made it auto-sizable
when the message is longest than window width.
@Micheus Micheus wings_wm.erl: I noticed I forgot to add a space in the code line 1272…
…. In this case the first two words in the new line are concatenated:

Line: {0,Acc++[$\n]++E++[" "]}; % the last space I had forgotten
@Micheus Micheus NOTE: Fixed UV Torus crash
If a zero value has been inputted it will be overwritten with 3;
  - added information for the fields U and V on Torus dialogs;
  - Deutsch translation of 'lang' file by deerwood;
(Thanks to deerwood that reported this bug) [Micheus]
Commits on Dec 21, 2011
Mark Whittemore Add some code to help center a text primitive.
Prior versions of Wings3D would create TEXT primitive items
with user entered text ... and they would be offset from the origin,
not places centered with respect to the origin. This change should center
the text items created with the text primitive.
Mark Whittemore Merge branch 'ggaliens/text-primitive-centered' of…
…s/wings into ggaliens/text-primitive-centered
Commits on Dec 29, 2011
Mark Whittemore Center Text Primitive by way of BOUNDING-BOX
Last version didn't employ any meaningful centering strategy.
First Attempt at Fix use vertex weights and was not ideal.

NOTE: Text Primitives should be centered according to bounding box
that surrounds the text primitive being created.
Commits on Jan 09, 2012
@dgud dgud Merge branch 'dgud/new_esdl' 3ebe4e1
@dgud dgud Merge branch 'vip/dgud/cc_sd' 21f0823
@dgud dgud Fix driver compatibility with R15B 4f3a3ff
@dgud dgud Change VCREDIST version (used by erl R15B) db2c876
@dgud dgud Merge remote branch 'micheus/mv/pov-ray' 8525bbf
@dgud dgud Merge branch 'mv/bugs1.4.1' 09cb7c7
@dgud dgud Merge remote branch 'ggaliens/ggaliens/text-primitive-centered' af5b0cd
@dgud dgud Merge remote branch 'ggaliens/ggaliens/centroid-by-volume' 2779a51
@dgud dgud Change wings_align to use centroid by Vol. 988438d
@dgud dgud Merge remote branch 'ggaliens/ggaliens/gg-e3d-planes' a261337
Mark Whittemore Create extra dialog_at method to allow positioning control
    Wings3D wings_ask:dialog function for eliciting parameters or
    user inputs by default appears whereever the mouse cursor was
    last tracked to (or something like this). Seems wise to have a
    new :dialog_at function to position the dialog programmatically,
    likely relative to the owning window, perhaps in the center.
@Micheus Micheus make it possible to enable/disable texture filtering
It was added a menu option under Main menu->Show: 'Filter Texture', because is impossible to add a RMB event to a plan menu (in accord with the comments in the wings_menu.erl file):
%%%   The Help field is normalized to
%%%      String       for plain (pull-down) menus
%%%      {L,M,R}      for pop-up menus

It was proposed on Wings3d ODF:
Commits on May 08, 2012
@bjorng bdf2wingsfont: Drastically speed up font building
By using 'dict' instead of 'orddict', the build time for the fonts
is reduced from almost a minute to about 7 seconds on my Mac Pro.