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Tumblr for django
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djumblr: Tumblr for Django.


Download djumblr and put it on your pythonpath. Include it in your INSTALLED_APPS, and syncdb.
You now have models for tumblr content! 
To sync, you first need to define the user(s) that have tumblr accounts. This is done with the
TUMBLR_USERS settings in

An example (from djumblr.scripts.populate_all()):
	John has the username 'john' on his django website, but 'ignorantcarrot' on tumblr.
	His TUMBLR_USERS would be:

	TUMBLR_USERS = { 'john': 
	                        { 'tumblr_user': 'ignorantcarrot', }
	If he wants to use the django site both for posting and syncing, he would have to 
	update the TUMBLR_USERS variable with the email address and password he uses to
	log in to

	TUMBLR_USERS = { 'john': 
	                        { 'tumblr_user': 'ignorantcarrot',
	                          'email': '',
	                          'password': 'secret',
Alternatively, run populate_models(tumblr_user, user) from the scripts module, where 'tumblr_user'
is a string containing the username of the tumblr user, and 'user' is a User object.
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