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A short intro to Scala.

The provided code is ment as inspiration for interactive live coding sessions lead by someone who wants to share the joy of Scala. We code-along together step-by-step by typing/pasting code snippets into the Scala interactive shell, also known as the Scala REPL.

Preparations before coding along:

  • Download latest Scala using or mirrors provided below by LTH, Lund University in Sweden.
  • Open a terminal window (bash | powershell | cmd)
  • Run the scala command
  • Type or paste these code snippets line by line as we code along together

Scala download mirrors at

What is Scala?

  • Scala is a statically typed object-functional programming language
  • Scala runs as fast as Java on the Java Virtual Machine
  • Scala can call any Java byte code, including all classes in the JDK
  • Scala's standard library includes a powerful collections library
  • Scala has more powerful abstraction mechanisms compared to Java
  • Scala is more regular compared to Java
  • Scala is as concise as many dynamic scripting languages
  • Scala is statically typed; thus both safe and fast
  • Scala is used by Twitter, LinkedIn, Netflix, Coursera, ...
  • There are many useful Scala libs and frameworks: Play, Akka, Scalatra, ...


A short intro to Scala - code along step-by-step in the Scala REPL







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