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Atom feed parser for iOS

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Breaking change. Custom elements (those ar with custom namespaces) ar…

…e stored in an array to allow for multiple elements with the same name. Use customElementsWithName: to get custom elements instead of valueForKey against the dictionary.
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Björn Sållarp authored December 16, 2011
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BSAtomParser is an Atom parser written in Objective-C for iOS. This parser is specifically developed to parse atom feeds (NOT RSS feeds). While I've tried my best to support all elements detailed in RFC 4287 the parser does not fully implement the specification, especially not validation parts. My goal has been to create a parser that will chug through atom feeds doing its best at returning whatever is valid and disregard everything else. BSAtomParser also handles atom extensions.

The project includes some sample-feeds used to test the parser. If you do use this library and find a problem, please provide the feed together with the error report or if you fork and fix it, please include a test case that prove the bug and that you fixed it.


  • Parse atom feeds, RFC 4287
  • Supports extension elements
  • Parse entries in "delegate mode" and reduce memory usage


A sample application is included in the project. It fetches an Atom feed from and display the entries in a table view. Tap an entry to see the content. The demo is pulling the feed synchronously which is not recomended for production!

Install (iOS)

  • Add this repo as a submodule to your project using 'git submodule add ...' (optional)
  • Add the files in 'BSAtomParser' to your project.
  • Include 'BSAtom.h' to use the features in BSAtomParser.
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