This is a forward geocoding API for iPhone/iPad
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Forward Geocoder
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iPad sample


The iPhone and iPad SDK supports reverse geocoding out of the box. Reverse geocoding means you have a coordinate and want to find out where you are located, for instance, the name of the street you are on. 
Forward geocoding means you know the name of a location and want to find the coordinates.  

This API/sample project demonstrate how you can forward geocode using Googles' geocoding service. Documentation of Googles API can be found here:

* No dependencies
* Blocks support
* Works with Google Maps V3 API

If you are using ARC you need to add "-fno-objc-arc" as compiler flag to the files under "Build Phases" -> "Compile Sources" -> "Compiler Flags".

The source is unlicensed and 100% free for you to use with whatever you want. Read more about BSForwardGeocoding @