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My week

What it is

It keeps track of what you do, and later tells you what you did

How it does it

For right now it installs and enables a global githook that keeps track of any commit you make to any git repository, and outputs that information for the past week when you run the command.

How do I use it?

You install it anywhere you like by git cloning it and then adding the path to the bin directory to your PATH variable however you so choose to do that. Finally do composer install in the app directory. After that just run myweek from the cli.

System requirements

  • php version 7.4 or higher
  • composer
  • Linux probably? It should work on mac. It probably won't run on windows though.
  • git is a requirement until provider configuration is implemented

What future features can I expect?

@see /

How can I extend it?

Implement \MyWeek\App\Api\EventProviderInterface and add your provider to the app by adding a yield statement in the \MyWeek\App\Services\EventProviderProvider service. Just don't break the law by ignoring the GPL.

Don't you have just like a phar executable I can use?


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