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The Tod Dockstader website

This repo contains the website at, first started by me in 1997 or so. At that time, I was approaching the end of my brief career as a librarian and becoming increasingly fascinated with markup languages and programming. The internet was still pretty new, and I spent a good deal of time researching my favourite music and musicians online.

When a search for Tod Dockstader drew a blank, I decided it was time someone did something about it, and contacted Tom Steenland at Starkland records to ask permission to reproduce the materials on the CDs he'd published, and to see if he had any additional material. Tom sent me a load of stuff, and I made a first stab at a website with all the information on it.

I had some contact with Tod in the late nineties, and one of his questions was "Why is it called the Unofficial site?" - I explained that I'd started the project a few years back, and that I didn't have any contact details for him at the time, so when the site went live, I felt that I should point this out by calling it "unofficial" (there were lots of sites around in the late 90s which were "unofficial"). I've removed this badge in the latest release - I figured that there was no longer any need for it.

The site gradually migrated from flat HTML to use PHP when it became difficult to manage (around 2005, when the additional CDs were being published), but stayed pretty static until 2015. The site was moved to github in September 2015 to try to use it as a platform for publishing and collaborating on the content of the website with anyone else who is interested. It was also moved to leverage the jekyll publishing features of github pages which I've found to be very productive.

If you have anything to contribute, please clone this repo, checkout the gh-pages branch, make your changes and issue a pull request so I can incorporate them into the website.


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