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Main galaxy module

var galaxy = require('galaxy');

API wrappers

  • var genFn =, cbIndex)
    This function turns an asynchronous function into a generator function.
    asyncFn is the asynchronous function.
    cbIndex is the index of the callback parameter. It is optional. If omitted the callback is assumed to be the last parameter of asyncFn.
  • var asyncFn = galaxy.unstar(genFn, cbIndex)
    This function converts in the other direction. It allows you to turn a generator function into an asynchronous function.
    genFn is the generator function.
    cbIndex is the index of the callback parameter. It is optional. If omitted the callback is added at the end of the parameter list of genFn.

    As previously mentioned these calls may also be applied to a whole module, or to any object containing functions. Sync calls are skipped.


  • var genFn = galaxy.spin(generator)
    Start spinning a generator that you obtained by calling a starred function (without yield).
    The generator will execute in parallel with other code, at the points where the code yields.
    The returned value is a generator function on which you can yield later to obtain the result of the computation.
  • fun = galaxy.funnel(max)
    limits the number of concurrent executions of a given code block.

    The funnel function is typically used with the following pattern:

    // somewhere
    var myFunnel = galaxy.funnel(10); // create a funnel that only allows 10 concurrent executions.
    // elsewhere
    var result = yield myFunnel(function* () { /* code with at most 10 concurrent executions */ });

    The funnel function can also be used to implement critical sections. Just set funnel's max parameter to 1.

    If max is set to 0, a default number of parallel executions is allowed. This default number can be read and set via galaxy.funnel.defaultSize.
    If max is negative, the funnel does not limit the level of parallelism.

    The funnel can be closed with fun.close().
    When a funnel is closed, the operations that are still in the funnel will continue but their callbacks won't be called, and no other operation will enter the funnel.

Stable context (TLS-like)

  • galaxy.context = ctx
    ctx = galaxy.context
    Sets and gets the stable context.


  • var genCreate =
    Converts a constructor generator function to a creator function.
    genConstructor is a starred constructor that may contain yield calls.
    The returned genCreate is a starred function that you can call as yield genCreate(args)
  • galaxy.main(function*() { ... })
    Wrapper for a main asynchronous script.
    See the tutorial for an example
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