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Haskell binding to the SPRNG library

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Haskell-sprng, Haskell bindings to the SPRNG library

How to build

cabal install --extra-lib-dirs=/path/to/lib/ --extra-include-dirs=/path/to/include/

Note: when you use the Haskell-SPRNG library in your own Haskell program you must
link it with the same C++ compiler that was used to build the library.

For example:

   ghc --make -O2 Foo.hs -pgml /path/to/c++/compiler


How to enable testing

How to run the unit tests

How to run standalone tests

License and Copyright

Haskell-sprng is distributed as open source software under the terms of the BSD 
License (see the file LICENSE in the top directory).

Author(s): Bernie Pope, Copyright ... 2011

Contact information

Email Bernie Pope:

   florbitous <at> gmail <dot> com

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