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Tools for testing RNGs
  • Diehard. Marsaglia's battery of tests for randomness. Appears to have been a de facto standard for some time, but no longer maintained. Input is a 11MB binary file containing a sequence of 32 unsigned integers, representing a part of the sequence to be tested. Can run up to 15 tests on the data. Not well documented, which makes it hard for a non-expert to understand the results. Disturbingly, I observed a segmentation fault on a particular test input.

  • Dieharder. Compilation on OS X gives a series of link errors, of the form:

       ld: duplicate symbol _splitbuf in .libs/chisq.o and .libs/bits.o
       ld: duplicate symbol _rgb_persist_rand_uint in .libs/chisq.o and .libs/bits.o
       ld: duplicate symbol _rgb_operm_k in .libs/chisq.o and .libs/bits.o
       ld: duplicate symbol _dh_rng_types in .libs/chisq.o and .libs/bits.o
       ld: duplicate symbol _gsl_types in .libs/chisq.o and .libs/bits.o

    These are caused by global variables being declared in header files without extern linkage. The header files are imported into multiple source files, which means that the symbol gets created in multiple object files. The solution is to declared them extern linkage in the header file and then define each global in exactly one source file.

  • NIST

  • TestU01

  • ent

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