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The Alex scanner file is Scanner.x and the Happy grammar file is Newl.y To compile the program run
The output is "newl" which is a very basic parser for the NewL language. To test the parser do
cat test1.newl | ./newl in the directory with newl and test1.newl. It will output the parse tree representation of the test1.newl program.

To remove all compiled files run make clean.

To test error reporting run
1. cat ../test_files/test.txt | ./newl
It will report "newl: lexical error @ line 3 and column 13"
2. cat ../test_files/test1.txt | ./newl
It will report "newl: parse error at 5:1" that is line 5 and column 1. The parse error is due 
to the main function not having a statement. Please note "1<2;" is an expression not a statement.
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