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Fixed readme; Added better installation-instructions as well as a container for Licence. #26

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Hope this helps, really enjoyed using the plugin but really found the instructions lacking. :-/
First time ZF2 user, and it took me some time to get through everything. :-)

Regarding Licence, purely optional - would just like to know for future implementations!

Following readme-structure of similar plugins!

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@bjyoungblood Merge branch 'readme-updates'
Includes commits from #26
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@@ -15,11 +15,44 @@ its usage with modules and applications. By default, it provides simple
setup via config files or by using Zend\Db. This module also comes with
out-of-the-box support for and integration with ZfcUser.
-Usage and Configuration
-Here is an annotated sample configuration file:
-# create this file in config/autoload/
+* [Zend Framework 2]( (latest master)
+* [ZfcBase]( (latest master)
+* [ZfcUser]( (latest master)
+### (1) Installation
+Choose one of the two available installation methods:
+#### Composer
+Currently this medthod of installation is not working.
+#### Git Submodule
+1. Follow the [ZfcUser]( installation instructions to install that module and it's dependencies.
+2. Clone this project into your `./vendor/` directory
+cd vendor;
+git clone git://;
+### (2) Configuration
+1. Ensure that this module and it's dependencies are enabled in your `application.config.php` file in the following order:
+ * ZfcBase
+ * ZfcUser
+ * BjyAuthorize
+3. Import the SQL schema located in `./vendor/BjyAuthorize/data/schema.sql`.
+4. Copy `./vendor/CdliTwoStageSignup/config/module.config.php` to
+ `./config/autoload/`.
+5. Fill in the required configuration variable values in `./config/autoload/`
+Here is an annotated sample configuration file:
@@ -103,7 +136,9 @@ return array(
'BjyAuthorize\Guard\Controller' => array(
array('controller' => 'index', 'action' => 'index', 'roles' => array('guest','user')),
array('controller' => 'index', 'action' => 'stuff', 'roles' => array('user')),
- array('controller' => 'zfcuser', 'roles' => array())
+ array('controller' => 'zfcuser', 'roles' => array()),
+ // Below is the default index action used by the [ZendSkeletonApplication](
+ // array('controller' => 'Application\Controller\Index', 'roles' => array('guest', 'user')),
/* If this guard is specified here (i.e. it is enabled), it will block
@@ -114,6 +149,8 @@ return array(
array('route' => 'zfcuser/logout', 'roles' => array('user')),
array('route' => 'zfcuser/login', 'roles' => array('guest')),
array('route' => 'zfcuser/register', 'roles' => array('guest')),
+ // Below is the default index action used by the [ZendSkeletonApplication](
+ array('route' => 'home', 'roles' => array('guest', 'user')),
@@ -126,3 +163,12 @@ There are view helpers and controller plugins registered for this module.
In either a controller or a view script, you can call
```$this->isAllowed($resource[, $privilege])```, which will query the ACL
using the currently authenticated (or default) user's roles.
+This code is considered proof-of-concept, and has not been vetted or tested for
+inclusion in a production environment. Use of this code in such environments is
+at your own risk.
+Released under the _________. See file LICENSE included with the source
+code for this project for a copy of the licensing terms.
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