Search backend for IkiWiki based on SQLite FTS
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Search backend for IkiWiki based on SQLite FTS


This is a full text search module for IkiWiki which uses SQLite as a backend. It requires the DBD::SQLite Perl module, but otherwise has very few dependencies.

IkiWiki has an official search module based on Xapian, which is very fast and efficient but may not be available on your system. Installing Xapian, along with the omega CGI program, may be impractical because of the platform on which your site is hosted, or perhaps because your control over the web server is too limited. In such cases, the sqlite_search plugin is an acceptable substitute.


  1. Install the library. Normally it goes into ~/.ikiwiki/IkiWiki/Plugin/, but you may prefer some other location in your Perl path.

  2. Configure IkiWiki. This involves editing your *.setup file. Under the key add_plugins:, add a list item: - sqlite_search. (If there is a line that reads - search, comment it out -- the official search plugin and sqlite_search cannot both be active at the same time).

  3. Install templates. The templates search-result-form.tmpl and search-result.tmpl must be copied to an appropriate location. This is normally in the templates/ folder of your project. The templates may of course be modified if you like.

  4. Run ikiwiki -setup on your *.setup file. This creates the text index if needed and refreshes it otherwise.

For further information about the process, see Installing third party plugins on the IkiWiki documentation wiki.


  • Pagination has not been implemented yet. The whole set of results is displayed on one page.

  • Although UTF-8 encoding is used by the backend, the summary and snippet extraction features pretty much assume a language using a Latin alphabet, although Cyrillic and Greek might be all right. Asian languages almost certainly will not work well.

  • On a related note, the locale under which the ikiwiki.cgi program runs should use the UTF-8 character set -- at least if you have any non-ascii content which you want to be searcheable.

  • This module is not suitable for big sites. A few hundred pages is fine, but a few thousand may be a problem.


Author: Baldur Kristinsson,

This is version 0.2, December 2014.


This software is copyright (c) 2014 by Baldur Kristinsson.

This is free software with a dual Artistic/GPL license. The terms for using, copying, distributing and modifying it are the same as for Perl 5.