Software to create a Raspberry Pi based wordclock
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Software to create a Raspberry Pi based wordclock

✔️ Features

  • Various language layouts
  • Various plugins to
    • display the current time
    • get information on current temperature, sunrise, sunset, IP-settings, ...
    • play tetris (credits to @mrksngl)
  • RESTful, swagger-based API to access and control the wordclock functionality
  • Documentation on how to build the clock.
  • Remote control via webinterface (credits to @FrankX0)
    • Control the wordclock with a browser within your local network
    • Linking the webinterface to your smartphones homescreen provides an app-like usage of the interface
    • Hardware buttons are not mandatory anymore.

In progress

  • Integration of a brightness sensor
  • Make the clock available at home-assistant

📚 Further reading