A jekyll based resume template
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Demo Website

A clean, single column, monospace resume template built for jekyll


Simply fork the repository and edit away.


  • You can edit the .md (markdown) files as you see fit. You can also add some other markdown file, say foo.md in the root directory of the repository. It will then be accessible like so {{ url of your website }}/foo.

  • You can of course remove contact.md if you don't want it

  • To set the heading, edit the title variable in _config.yml

  • To edit the links mentioned on the navigation bar, edit the file _data/nav.yml

  • You can change the accent (color of hyperlinks) by editing the accent variable in _sass/vars.scss

  • You can setup google analytics, by setting tracking_id in _config.yml

  • To add a profile picture, make sure to give the image tag the class profile-picture. In other words,do it like so:

<img class="profile-picture" src="sherlock.jpg">

Note: Customizing the accent color might cause merge conflicts if you later try to merge from bk2dcradle/researcher to fetch updates/patches etc. (applicable only if you have forked).