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import copy
from devassistant import loaded_yaml
class Snippet(loaded_yaml.LoadedYaml):
def __init__(self, name, parsed_yaml, path): = name
self.parsed_yaml = parsed_yaml
self.path = path
def args(self):
return copy.deepcopy(self.parsed_yaml.get('args') or {})
def get_arg_by_name(self, name):
return self.args.get(name) or {}
def get_run_section(self, section_name='run'):
return copy.deepcopy(self.parsed_yaml.get(section_name))
def get_files_dir(self):
return self.parsed_yaml.get('files_dir') or self.default_files_dir_for('snippets')
def get_dependencies_section(self, section_name='dependencies'):
if not section_name in self.parsed_yaml:
return None
# we also want to include the basic "dependencies" section
deps = copy.deepcopy(self.parsed_yaml.get('dependencies', []))
if section_name != 'dependencies':
deps.extend(copy.deepcopy(self.parsed_yaml.get(section_name, [])))
return deps
def get_files_section(self):
return copy.deepcopy(self.parsed_yaml.get('files') or {})
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