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Commits on Feb 26, 2013
  1. Update spec/regression/JRUBY-5122_nonblocking_io_spec.rb

    Raise socket_channel_might_block to also block on Fedora 19, OpenJDK 7.0.
Commits on Feb 25, 2013
  1. @enebo
  2. @headius

    Fix more references to CPL.

    headius authored
    The phrase "Common Public License" was split across two lines in
    our default header, which caused it to be missed during earlier
    search/replace. Also, we did not replace the CPL URL in the
    header with the EPL URL.
  3. @enebo

    Merge with master

    enebo authored
  4. @enebo

    EncodingOptions -> EncodingUtils

    enebo authored
  5. @enebo
  6. @enebo
  7. @enebo

    Fix broken IO.gets specs

    enebo authored
  8. @enebo

    More passing specs

    enebo authored
  9. @enebo

    More specs passing

    enebo authored
  10. @enebo

    More passing specs

    enebo authored
  11. @enebo

    binmode totally green now

    enebo authored
  12. @enebo
  13. @enebo
  14. @enebo
  15. @enebo

    A few more regressions fixed

    enebo authored
  16. @enebo

    yuck more into the belly of the beast in order to rearrange mode sett…

    enebo authored
    …ings until after extractModeEncoding in rubyIO.initialize19 (not done yet though). Also another mixup between ModeFlags and OpenFile
  17. @enebo
  18. @enebo

    Put mode conversion on proper class (we have fmode = OpenFlags and of…

    enebo authored
    …lags = ModeFlags reversal to overcome some day)
  19. @enebo

    Make modeflags toString know about RDWR and print out flags in case s…

    enebo authored
    …omething else is missing later
  20. @enebo
  21. @enebo
  22. @enebo
  23. @enebo

    Last MRI19 test regression fixed

    enebo authored
  24. @enebo
  25. @enebo

    More passing tests

    enebo authored
  26. @enebo

    Fix pipe to use 1.9 logic for no-arg version and fix missing logic to…

    enebo authored
    … set encodings in setEncoding
  27. @enebo

    more textmode fixes

    enebo authored
  28. @enebo
  29. @enebo
  30. @enebo
  31. @enebo
  32. @enebo
  33. @enebo
  34. @enebo
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