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OLAP4LD allows OLAP analysis of Linked Data sources. OLAP4LD implements the Open Java API for OLAP ([ olap4j]). It can be used by various OLAP clients supporting the API, e.g., Saiku, Palo, Xmla4js. Linked Data sources are typically served (possibly over the Web) by a triple store, e.g., Open Virtuoso, Sesame. We use the increasingly popular Linked Data principles for accessing data. Linked Data as a common representation of data simplifies integration of various source data such as XBRL and SDMX.

==Documentation== OLAP4LD documentation can be found at the Linked Data Cubes project website [].

==Example Applications using OLAP4LD==

===Linked Data Cubes Explorer (LDCX)=== LDCX allows exploration of governmental statistics published on the Web.

===Financial Information Observation System (FIOS)=== OLAP4LD has been developed for the XBRL challenge for a Financial Information Observation System (FIOS) that provides a web-based Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) interface for multi-company analysis over an integrated dataset, consisting of XBRL data from the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) as well as open web data from Wikipedia/DBpedia and Freebase.

==Contact== If you have questions regarding olap4LD or FIOS, please ask [ Benedikt Kämpgen].

==Citations== If you use OLAP4LD it would be nice if you cite:

Benedikt Kämpgen, Andreas Harth OLAP4LD - A Framework for Building Analysis Applications over Governmental Statistics ESWC 2014 Posters & Demo session, Springer, Mai, 2014 (

==Further Literature== Benedikt Kämpgen, Andreas Harth No Size Fits All – Running the Star Schema Benchmark with SPARQL and RDF Aggregate Views ESWC 2013, LNCS 7882, Seiten: 290-304, Springer, Heidelberg, Mai, 2013 (

Benedikt Kämpgen, Sean O'Riain, Andreas Harth. Interacting with Statistical Linked Data via OLAP Operations. In C. Unger, P. Cimiano, V. Lopez, E. Motta, P. Buitelaar, R. Cyganiak (eds.), Proceedings of Interacting with Linked Data (ILD 2012), workshop co-located with the 9th Extended Semantic Web Conference, Seiten: 36-49, ( ), Mai, 2012


  • OLAP4LD has been migrated from GoogleCode to GitHub on 2015-05-01 due to announced shutdown of GoogleCode.