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JEE Performance with JMeter, Prometheus and Grafana. Complete Project from Scratch.

This GitHub project accompanies this blog post.

It includes:

  • couple possible approaches to UUIDs generation
  • white-box metrics with Prometheus
  • visualization in Grafana
  • docker environment containing Wildfly, Prometheus, Grafana and Alertmanager automatically configured on startup
  • metrics:
    • total number of generations (counter), presents absolute values and rate (number of generations per second)
    • total duration of generation (counter), presents absolute values and rate (duration of generations per second)
    • longest duration within last n seconds, n=5 (gauge)
    • queues fill factor (gauge)
  • a dashboard with six diagrams
    • number of generations per second
    • total number of generations
    • duration per second
    • total duration
    • longest duration within n last seconds, n=5
    • queue fill factor
  • performance analysis and comparison; data is generated by a "sequential" JMeter test plan, which runs each generator separately
  • "random" endpoint - selects randomly a UUID generator; together with a "random" JMeter thread group, it allows live comparison of all generators running at once
  • alerts sent to a Slack workspace