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A hands-on tutorial on the DataFrames.jl package prepared for JuliaCon2019.

This is the version of the tutorial updated to DataFrames.jl 1.5.0 and tested under Julia 1.9.0.

It consists of two files:

  • DataFramesIntroduction.ipynb containing essential examples to start working with DataFrames.jl package and related package ecosystem
  • DataFramesExercises.ipynb intended as a sandbox for additional exercises

The repository contains source data files bank-additional-full.csv, data.txt and meta.txt to facilitate the workflow. Their original source is (the notebooks using them give the source references).

In order to run these examples first make sure that you have cloned the repository to your local machine from GitHub. Then run the following command:

julia --project=. -e 'using IJulia; notebook(dir=pwd())'

in the folder where you have cloned the repository. It will start a Jupyter Notebook session and you can then run he example notebooks.

If it is the first time you run the tutorial you might need to run the following command before:

julia --project=. -e 'using Pkg; Pkg.instantiate(); Pkg.precompile()'

It will make sure that Julia downloads and precompiles all the packages that are required in this tutorial.

Here you can read more what --project=. option does when starting a fresh Julia session.

Additional resources you might want to check out are:

If you want to access the old version of this tutorial that was presented during JuliaCon 2019 please go to JuliaCon2019 tag in this repository.