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A Ruby wrapper for the AgileZen API (v1.0)

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AgileZen - A Ruby wrapper for the AgileZen API (v1.0)


gem install agilezen


When setting up the client, just specify your api key. Methods that are designed to take options in the API are designed that way in the wrapper also, as you'd expect. For more details, read the AgileZen API documentation.

require 'agilezen'

# Setup the client
client = => 'yourapikey')

# Returns info for all your projects
projects = @client.projects

# Returns info for the specified project
project = @client.project(123)

# Returns info for all stories for the specified project
stories = @client.projects_stories(123)

# Returns info for a specific story within a project
story = @client.project_story(123, 5)

# Collection resources support pagination
stories = @client.projects_stories(123, :page => 2, :pageSize => 50)

# Enrichments are supported for additional details
stories = @client.projects_stories(123, :with => 'details,tags')

# Filters are supported to limit your queries
stories = @client.projects_stories(123, :where => 'tag:authentication')


For additional details, checkout the latest generated documentation.

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