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The Bug Catalog of the Maven Ecosystem (v2012)

Maven is a build automation tool used primarily for Java projects and it is hosted by the Apache Software Foundation It uses XML to describe the software project being built, its dependencies on other external modules, the build order, and required plug-ins. To build a software component, it dynamically downloads Java libraries and Maven plug-ins from the Maven central repository, and stores them in a local cache. The repository can be updated with new projects and also with new versions of existing projects that can depend on other versions.

To statically analyze the Maven repository we used FindBugs a static analysis tool that examines bytecode to detect software bugs. Specifically, we ran FindBugs on all the project versions of all the projects that exist in the repository to identify all bugs contained in it.


  • Dataset: The raw dump of our MongoDB database can be downloaded from here. To restore it, you can use the mongorestore utility, which is shipped with a typical MongoDB installation package.
  • Tools: There is a number of tools and libraries, which were developed to process the data collected and produce the published results. Inside the analysis directory there are numerous python, R and ruby scripts with examples how to process the data.


  • Dimitris Mitropoulos, Vassilios Karakoidas, Panos Louridas, Georgios Gousios, and Diomidis Spinellis. The bug catalog of the Maven ecosystem. In MSR '14: Proceedings of the 2014 International Working Conference on Mining Software Repositories. ACM, 2014
  • Dimitris Mitropoulos, Vassilios Karakoidas, Panos Louridas, Georgios Gousios, and Diomidis Spinellis. Dismal code: Studying the evolution of security bugs. In Proceedings of the LASER Workshop 2013, Learning from Authoritative Security Experiment Results, pages 37-48. Usenix Association, October 2013. (See also the corresponding Github repository)


Dimitrios Mitropoulos, Vassilios Karakoidas, Panos Louridas,Georgios Gousios, Diomidis Spinellis