A collection of open source layout managers for AWT and Swing for the Java platform.
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HtmlLayout - A superior Java LayoutManager Copyright (C) 1998 Paul Buchheit


HtmlLayout is a Java LayoutManager that allows you to specify the layout and resize behaviors of your components using a simple html-like syntax (no need to learn another language). HtmlLayout is similar to the GridBadLayout included with the JDK except that it is reasonably easy to use.

HtmlLayout is licensed under the terms of the LGPL, see the included file "LICENSE".

HtmlLayout DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, see sections 15 and 16 of the included LGPL.

HtmlLayout is very easy to use, look in "Sample.java" for a small example. Documentation is in HTML and is found in the directory "docs". Information is also available at http://braindamage.org/HtmlLayout/

If your are interested in receiving future HtmlLayout announcements please send an email to: org.htmllayout-announce@braindamage.org with "ADD " as the Subject line (as in "ADD paul@braindamage.org").

Feedback, bug fixes, and contributions are welcomed, please direct them to paul@braindamage.org. I would, however, like to retain control over HtmlLayout. I can not claim to completely understand the LGPL or all of its legal ramifications and do not want to trap myself. As such, all contributions and their associated copywrites become the property Paul Buchheit. However, I will gladly credit you by name in the code and the documentation. Please let me know if this is a problem for you.

I hope that you find HtmlLayout to be a useful tool.