@bkdotcom bkdotcom released this Aug 25, 2015 · 15 commits to master since this release


  • PHPDoc comment parsing - fixed PREG overflow issue on long comments

Additions & Tweaks

  • plain-text output method added
  • CLI debugging defaults to text
  • HTTP_REFERER now included in error email
  • request uri and method now included debug-log email body
  • extends and implements info now output for objects
  • added special case for debugging DOMNodeList objects... now displays the public yet "hidden" length property
  • improved toUtf8 utility method
  • minor css tweaks
  • get() and set() now only have access to configuration
  • added dataGet() and dataSet() methods for directly interacting with the log data
  • timeEnd() and timeGet() accept a template. default: "%label: %time"

Internal changes

  • moved code to "src" folder
  • Utilizing Travis-CI for PHPUnit tests
  • Added and organized unit tests..
  • moved configuration to new Config class
  • removed protected property "collect"... simply use cfg['collect']