GitHub workflow automation via .probot.js file in your repository.
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Probot: Workflow

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A GitHub App built with probot that enables complete workflow automation.


Heads up! The demo app is for demo purposes only. It is very likely to go away at some point, so please don't use it for production purposes.

  1. Go to the demo app, click Install, and then select an organization.

  2. Create a .github/probot.js file in your repository with the following contents. See Configuration for more information on what behaviors can be built.

        Hello @{{ sender.login }}. Thanks for inviting me to your project.
        Read more about [all the things I can help you with][config]. I can't
        wait to get started!
  3. Open a new issue. @probot should post a comment (you may need to refresh to see it).


  • Install dependencies

    npm install
  • Run the bot

    npm start

See docs/ if you would like to run your own instance of this app.