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Oppo Firmware .ozip decrypter
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Oppo K3 uses same key as Reno
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Oppo/Oneplus .ozip Firmware decrypter

Tested with CPH1707EX, CPH1611EX OTA Zip and Python 3.6

  • : Decrypt Oppo .ozip to .zip
  • : Decrypts any part of the firmware

Based on python 3.6


'pip3 install pycrypto' or 'pip3 install pycryptodome'


  • OTA OZIP decryption: 'python3 CPH1707EX_OTA_0070_all.ozip'

  • OTA Boot.img decryption: 'python3 boot.img'

File will be decrypted as *.zip or boot.img.dec


Share, modify and use as you like, but refer the original author !


For a tutorial on aes key extraction, head over here.

For extraction of or /sbin/recovery, use: './ofp_libextract.y [your_ofp_file]' If you're getting a recovery.cpio.7z file, extract using 7z to get the /sbin/recovery file.

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