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files involved in gitolite


Let's say you start from a totally clean slate:

$ pwd

$ ls -a
.  ..  .bash_logout  .bash_profile  .bashrc

You run git clone git://

Now you have

$ ls -aF
./  ../  .bash_logout  .bash_profile  .bashrc  gitolite/

$ ls -aF gitolite
./  ../  check-g2-compat*  doc/  .git/  install*  src/  t/

If we were an existing user, we'd run the migration checker 'check-g2-compat' (start [here][migr] for all migration info). For now we're only interested in "gitolite/src", so:

$ ls -aF gitolite/src
./  ../  commands/  gitolite*  Gitolite/  gitolite-shell*  syntactic-sugar/  triggers/  VREF/

We check our PATH to make sure $HOME/bin is in it:

$ echo $PATH

Since it is, we run mkdir bin; gitolite/install -ln, and get:

$ mkdir bin
$ gitolite/install -ln

$ ls -aF
./  ../  .bash_logout  .bash_profile  .bashrc  bin/  gitolite/

$ ls -aF bin
./  ../  gitolite@

$ file bin/gitolite
bin/gitolite: symbolic link to `/home/gl-test/gitolite/src/gitolite'

That's the install done. At the end of it, we have just one symlink in $HOME/bin; everything else is in a different directory.


Now you copy your pubkey (typically from your workstation to the server, then run gitolite setup -pk "". Which gives you this:

$ ls -aF
./   .bash_logout   .bashrc  gitolite/   .gitolite.rc   repositories/  .ssh/
../  .bash_profile  bin/     .gitolite/  projects.list

$ ls -aF bin
./  ../  gitolite@

$ ls -aF .gitolite
./  ../  conf/  hooks/  keydir/  logs/

$ ls -aF repositories
./  ../  gitolite-admin.git/  testing.git/

$ ls -aF .ssh
./  ../  authorized_keys*

And that's the setup done. At the end of this step, you have

  • ~/bin/gitolite -- a symlink to ~/gitolite/src/gitolite. The target of this symlink tells gitolite where the rest of the code is.
  • ~/gitolite/src -- the rest of the code.
  • ~/.gitolite -- the gitolite "admin" directory. The only thing you should directly touch here are the [log][] files and [hooks][]. (I.e., do NOT change the conf or keydir contents here; see adding [users][] and [repos][] for how to do that.
  • ~/.gitolite.rc -- the [rc][] file.
  • ~/repositories -- which contains all the repositories that gitolite will be managing.
  • ~/.ssh -- which contains (at least) the authorized_keys file that provides access to users. You can look inside that file and correlate it with what the [ssh][] docs tell you, if you wish.
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