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gitolite documentation


  • (for [older][g2] gitolite (v1 or v2) users)
  • [quick links][ql]
  • [what][] is gitolite?
  • [how][] does it work?
  • [why][] might you need it?
  • [who][] is using it?
  • [contact][] info, mailing list, IRC channel
  • [license][] info

help for [emergencies][]

  • [lost][lost-key] admin key/access
  • [bypass][]ing gitolite
  • [clean][]ing out a botched install
  • [common][ce] errors
  • [uncommon][ue] errors
  • [non-standard configs][nonstd] that'll trip you up
  • things that are [not gitolite problems][ngp]


[testing][] gitolite

  • [trying][] out gitolite

[quick][qi] install, setup, and clone


  • notes and naming conventions
  • [requirements][req]
    • your skills
    • server
    • client
  • getting the software
  • the actual install
  • upgrading
  • [packaging][package] gitolite
  • [migrating][migr] from v2



gitolite [admin][]istration

  • ([server-side][server]) settings, hooks, etc.
    • ([link][WARNINGS]: important cautions on server side activity)
    • changing settings in the [rc][] file
    • installing custom [hooks][]
    • ([link][existing]: moving existing repos into gitolite)
  • ([client-side][adminrepo]) access control via the gitolite-admin repo
    • basic [syntax][] of the [conf][] file
      • include files
      • ([link][sugar]: syntactic sugar)
    • [groups]
      • special: '@all'
      • (link: storing user group info in LDAP)
    • adding and removing [users][]
      • multiple keys per user
    • adding and removing [repos][]
      • renaming repos
    • defining access [rules][]
      • what does a rule look like?
      • when are the rules checked?
      • how are the rules matched?
      • summary of [permissions][permsum]
      • additional topics
        • [rule accumulation][rule-accum]
        • applying [deny rules][deny-rules] during the pre-git check
      • ([link][refex]: refexes)
      • ([link][write-types]: different types of write operations)
      • ([link][vref]: virtual refs)
    • gitolite [options][]
    • "[git config][git-config]" keys and values
    • ["wild"][wild] repos (user created repos)
      • quick introduction
      • (admin) declaring wild repos in the conf file
      • (user) [creating][create] a specific repo
      • repo patterns
      • roles
      • adding other roles
      • listing wild repos
      • deleting wild repos

what your [user][]s need to know

[special][] features/setups

  • putting 'repositories' and '.gitolite' [somewhere else][elsewhere]
  • [disabling pushes][writable] to take backups
  • [personal][pers] branches
  • ([link][votes]: voting on commits)
  • [delegating][deleg] access control responsibilities
    • ([link][NAME]: the NAME VREF)
    • the [subconf][] command
  • ([link][partial-copy]: faking selective READ control)
  • using pubkeys obtained [from elsewhere][keysonly]
  • ([link][pushcode]: updating code via the admin repo)
  • giving users [their own repos][gh]

interfacing with [external][] tools

  • gitweb
    • changing the [UMASK][umask]
  • git-daemon


[rare][]/one-time activities

  • moving [existing][] repos into gitolite
  • [moving][] servers


  • where do you put custom code?
  • types of non-core programs
    • [commands][]
    • [hooks][]
    • syntactic [sugar][]
    • ([link][triggers]: triggers)
    • ([link][vref]: VREFs)
  • ([link][non-core]: non-core programs shipped with gitolite)
  • [developer notes][dev-notes] -- writing custom code
    • environment variables and other inputs
    • APIs
      • the shell API
      • the perl API
    • writing your own...
      • hooks
      • commands
      • trigger programs
      • sugar
    • (appendix 1) notes on the INPUT trigger

[non-core][] programs shipped with gitolite

  • commands
  • syntactic sugar
  • triggers
  • ([link][vref]: VREFs)
  • special cases
    • [partial-copy][]: selective read control for branches

background info

  • [files and directories][files] involved in install+setup
  • [auth][]entication versus authorisation
    • interfacing with [other authentication][otherauth] systems
    • getting user group info from [LDAP][ldap]
  • [ssh][]
  • [regular expressions][regex]

contributed software, tools, and documentation

  • TBD


  • log file format, LOG_EXTRA
  • hub
  • mob branches
  • password access
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