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-## order of events
+## skynet protocol
-Using BSON as the encoding mechanism, the skynet protocol is as follows.
+1) Client/server handshake
-1) Service sends _ServiceHandshake_, using
-* true for _Registered_ if the service is currently registered,
-* and providing a new UUID for _ClientID_.
+Service: **ServiceHandshake**
+* **Registered**: A value of false indicates the service will not respond to requests.
+* **ClientID**: A UUID that must be provided will all requests.
-2) Client sends _ClientHandshake_, which as of this document's creation is empty.
+Client: **ClientHandshake**
-3) Client may close the stream, ending the session, or go to step 4
+2) Begin sending requests. When done sending requests, the stream may be closed by the client.
-4) Client sends _RequestHeader_, using
-* "_Name_.Forward" as the _ServiceMethod_ field, where _Name_ is the service's reported name,
-* a number unique to this connection session for the _Seq_ field, possibly incremented for each request.
+Client: **RequestHeader**
+* **ServiceMethod**: Use "**Name**.Forward", where **Name** is the service's reported name.
+* **Seq**: Use a number unique to this session, usually by incrementing some counter.
-5) Client sends _RequestIn_, using
-* the client ID received in step 1 for the _ClientID_ field,
-* the service's method name for the _Method_ field,
-* a unique value for the _RequestInfo_ fields's _RequestID_, unless the request is the result of an earlier request, in which case it may use the same request ID,
-* an empty string for the _RequestInfo_'s _OriginAddress_ field, unless the request is proxied from another machine or is a result of a request from another machine, in which case it may be an address indicating the original source,
-* the BSON-marshalled data to be decoded for the method's in-parameter for the _In_ field.
+Client: **RequestIn**
+* **ClientID**: Must be the UUID provided by the **ServiceHandshake**.
+* **Method**: The name of the RPC method desired.
+* **RequestInfo**.**RequestID**: A UUID. If this is request is the direct result of another request, the UUID may be reused.
+* **RequestInfo**.**OriginAddress**: If this request originated from another machine, that machine's address may be used. If left blank, the service will fill it in with the client's remote address.
+* **In**: The BSON-encoded buffer representing the RPC's in parameter.
-6) Service sends _ResponseHeader_, using
-* the same _ServiceMethod_ as from step 4,
-* the same _Seq_ as from step 4,
-* an empty string for the _Error_, unless there was an rpc-level or skynet-level error, in which case it can contain the result of the error's .Error() method.
+3) Synchronously receive responses. When the stream is closed by the client and all responses have been issued, the stream may be closed by the service.
-7) Service sends _RequestOut_, using
-* the BSON-marshalled data encoded from the method's out-parameter for the _Out_ field,
-* the string representation of any service-level error that occurred during the request, or an empty string if no error, for the _Error_ field.
+Service: **ResponseHeader**
+* **ServiceMethod**: Will be the same "**Name**.Forward" provided in the request.
+* **Seq**: This number will match the **Seq** provided in the request to which this response corresponds.
+* **Error**: Any rpc-level or skynet-level error. Empty string if no error. Errors in the actual service call are not put here.
-go to step 3
+Service: **RequestOut**
+* **Out**: The BSON-encoded buffer represending the RPC's out parameter.
+* **Error**: The text of the error returned by the service call, or the empty string if no error.

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