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Instant WordPress Dev

Instant WordPress Dev is WordPress development environment designed to be easy and fast to install. It provides a control panel in which you can create and destroy WordPress instances with just a few clicks.

Screenshot of WordPress Instances screen

With Instant WordPress Dev, you can:

  • Experiment with WordPress and decide if it is the right choice for a project, even if you are unfamiliar with how to setup web servers, database, and WordPress itself.

  • Quickly create disposable sandbox WordPress instances, to try out new ideas in a fresh environment.

  • Develop WordPress Themes and Plugins.

  • Run a WordPress-related presentation or a presentation built in WordPress, without having to rely on an Internet connection.


  • Create and destroy WordPress instances on the fly.

  • Development WordPress instances automatically have users created for each standard WordPress role: admin, editor, author, contributor, subscriber.

  • Passwordless login for those users, so you can easily test theme/plugin features that depend on them.

  • Browse/hack your WordPress databases using Adminer (included).

  • Mail sent by WordPress is collected in a screen on the control panel.


  • PHP command line interpreter (which comes with its own light development web server)

  • PHP MySQL PDO library

  • PHP GD library (for manipulating images)

  • MySQL Server (or MariaDB or Drizzle)

Not required:

  • Any web server other than what comes with PHP

  • A WordPress installer; this is downloaded automatically when you first run Instant WordPress Dev

  • A mail server

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