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Use Pandoc and Calibre to compile Markdown text to Epub, with source included in the Epub.
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sample/Alice in Wonderland

Markdown Epub Builder

mdepub is a tool which allows you to compose a book in Markdown format and use Pandoc and Calibre to compile an Epub package including all of the book's source material. In effect you can keep the source and product in the same file in your library; if you ever want to revise the product, you merely need to extract the source, make edits, and recompile.

This program is a work in progress. It's not fully functional yet!


  • argparse -- Python command line argument parser
  • Beautiful Soup -- HTML/XML stream parsing and manipulation for Python
  • Calibre (Calibre's ebook-convert command is used to manipulate and build EPUB package files.)
  • pandoc -- all purpose converter to and from Markdown syntax
  • Python 2.7
  • YAML for Python -- minimal config / serialization syntax
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