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Grabbed some improvements from a private project back into this public

* Add ability to import/export lookup tables like Countries or Color,
for example.
* In several places in the code, be QUIET about processing a group of
files where no files exist in that group (for example, the project has
no Macros).
* Add project URL to main code module.
* Clarify in README that this was built and tested on Access 2010.
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1 parent cc2573d commit 3ae52d4185067254aa800bd7d8325227498bef75 @bkidwell committed Oct 22, 2012
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  1. +320 −189 AppCodeImportExport.bas
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  3. +29 −12 scripts/ucs2-to-utf8.bat
  4. +24 −7 scripts/utf8-to-ucs2.bat
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